• 解決策は、人気のワードプレスのフレームワークと互換性があります, オーバーのための選択のプラットフォーム 1/3 of top internet sites. これは、高品質のテーマの多数を見つけることができる意味, プラグイン, tutorials, 新しいプロジェクトのドキュメント ソースとサービス プロバイダ. For more details, 参照してください。 why using WordPress.
    If you already have a WordPress site, you can also easily Export/Import content from Tools menu in backend, apply same design (テーマ) and features (プラグイン).
  • テーマ
    All WP themes that meet WP coding standards (無料または有料) should work fine.

    • テーマの要件:
      A theme with wide content area (できれば完全なページ幅) Web アプリケーション インターフェイスがほとんどの領域を使用できるように使用する必要があります。.
      – テーマは、アクションやフィルタのようなWPフックを無効にしないでください. Plugin hooks into WP registration to implement a role selector. A theme that manages registration in a different custom page should be compatible with WP hooks to show the role option, unless you manage roles in a different way.
      – テーマは、jQueryのような古いバージョンの標準WP JSライブラリを無効にしたり、置き換えたりしてはいけません, これらはインターフェイス要素に使用されます. これは、最新バージョンを強制プラグインで修正することができます (古いテーマに影響を与える可能性があります).
    • テーマの提案:
      Sample free themes:
      + 新しいプロジェクトは、通常、無料の2071テーマで展開されています, すべてのサイドバーウィジェットが外観から削除された場合 > ウィジェットセクション (サイドバーなしでワイドコンテンツを表示します). このカスタム CSS コードを使用してレイアウトを拡大する: .site-inner {max-width: 1600ピクセル;} . See it on Videochat-Scripts Webcams Demo .
      + BuddyX is a great free theme for social sites using BuddyPress or BuddyBoss. See it on FansPaysite Demo .
      + Another free theme is Enlighten for e-Learning LMS sites, that can be used with Sidebar Layout > No Sidebar when editing pages.
      – プレミアムテーマのサンプル:
      参照 プロのワードプレスのテーマ to skin site, change design. Check demos to make sure it supports wide content area templates.
      例では、: REHub, 甘い日付 4U, エアロランド, ビデオプロ, 省略, インプレッサ, 木星 .
    • ほとんどのプレミアムテーマはうまくいくはずです, これらは、いくつかのプロジェクトにデプロイされた私たちまたはクライアントの一部であり、すべてのソリューション機能が正常に動作していることを示しました. 最新バージョンは異なる場合があります.
    • Custom または Premium テーマ: If you have a budget for web design, we recommend starting from a premium theme and hiring a designer to create a child theme and customize it for your project requirements. A premium theme includes more features (editors, widgets, seo tools, complex interface elements) beyond a simple design. A custom design can be applied in a child theme, keeping the advanced tools and interface from the premium theme.
    • テーマのセットアップ:
      – テーマをインストールするためのチュートリアル: カスタム WP テーマのアップロードとセットアップ
      テーマのメニュー配置が異なることがあり、チェックボックスを設定して[外観]からメニューを有効にする必要がある場合があります > メニュー.
      – デモ テーマのコンテンツ:
      ソリューション ページやメニューを削除するオプションとしてデータベースをリセットするオプションをアクティブにしないでください。.
      メインインストールでサンプルテーマコンテンツをインストールしないでください (ページ “ロレムイプサム” 様々なテーマページを紹介するテキストやその他の偽のコンテンツ). テスト用の新しい開発インストールをセットアップしたり、テーマのデモを確認したりできます, 役に立たないコンテンツでセットアップを乱雑にすることなく.
  • ロゴ: You can start from a professional logo template. Logos can be configured from plugin settings, Integration tab and by default load from images in own installation.
  • Content Types:
    From plugin settings, role names can be adjusted as necessary (for Customize, Performer, Client tabs) and also other settings like group mode labels (Group Modes). Webcam listing label (slug) can be configured from plugin settings, Integration tab and categories can also be edited (site wide categories are used) from Posts, カテゴリー.
    Room Label: ウェブカメラ, room, office, venue, meeting, conference, ビジネス, company, shop, agency Default: ウェブカメラ
    Performer Label: パフォーマー, expert, ホスト, professional, teacher, trainer, tutor, プロバイダー, model, 著者, expert, artist, medium, moderator, owner Default: パフォーマー
    Client Label: クライアント, customer, student, member, subscriber, participant, user Default: クライアント
    – チャットモード (multiple): Free Broadcast, Group Paid Show, ビデオ会議, Video Collaboration, Audio Only, Calls Only (specific interaction configuration for each)
  • Contents: Site ページ, menus, content categories and theme widget sections can be edited from WordPress CMS backend.
    If you have content from a previous WordPress site, できます Export it from backend Tools menu and import it to new setup.
    – ほとんどのサイトがプライバシー ポリシーを要求します。, 規約のページを使用. 米国の管轄区域のアダルトサイトにも、 “18 U.S.C. 2257” コンプライアンスおよび連絡先情報ページ.
    サイトの管轄に応じて、ポリシーのその他のページが必要になる場合があります。 (事業所, プロバイダ/クライアントの場所). これらのページの内容は各サイトによって異なります, ビジネス: you may find some samples/templates to start from online.
    ページからページを追加できます。 > WP 管理領域に新規を追加し、外観からメニューに追加します。 > メニュー.
    – サイトのメンバーシップに応じて, ユーザー登録にアクセスするためのメニューが, ログインとサイト機能. このソリューションには、必要な機能の [ログイン]ボタンと[登録]ボタンが表示されます。, ユーザーはメニューまたはテーマでこれらのオプションを持っている必要があります, 明確さのために. サイトの訪問者とログインしているユーザーに特別なメニューを表示するプラグインを使用できます。.
    – ウィジェットは、外観から編集することができます > ウィジェット. このソリューションの場合, サイドバーからすべてのウィジェットを削除し、サイドバーを無効にすることをお勧めします, コンテンツと機能のためのより多くのスペースを持つために.
  • 翻訳: Plugin is localized, meaning a .pot file that contains mosts texts is included. Multiple translations for plugin are available as .po/.mo files and you can also edit/adjust or add new languages using a translation plugin. There’s a special section in plugin settings for backend, with instructions for translating plugin to other languages.
  • Settings: Available plugin settings and options are documented in plugin backend and organized in multiple sections:
    Streaming Server, WebRTC FFMPEG / HLS, HTML5 ビデオチャット, Pages, カスタマイズ, Integration, 外観, Listings, チャットモード, Random Chat, Collaboration, Performer, Account Records, 機能, プロファイル, Studio, クライアント, GeoFencing, Billing Wallets, 1分あたりの支払い, ヒント / Gifts, Paid Messages, Videos Pictures Reviews, プレイリスト, Schedulerm BuddyPress, Translate, Import Settings, Reset, Requirements & Troubleshooting, Support, Setup.
    Additionally there’s feature pages for Approve Users, Session Logs, Stream Sessions, RTMP Admin, Room Posts, ドキュメント.
  • Billing: A payment website is required to process cards, collect payments from clients and send to your account. Registering with a supported billing site needs to be done by site / business owner with own details (to receive the payments). After registration/approval, payment details need to be configured in site configuration for the specific plugin (WooCommerce and MyCred) and gateway as described in the Billing backend section for this plugin.
  • Backend Documentation: Backend includes a setup tutorial with setup overview links / extra documentation links / shortcodes and parameteters, a setup wizard that detects configuration steps and guides trough setup, specific documentation in plugin settings tab and backend feature pages. も参照してください セットアップ チュートリアル .
  • 機能: After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, VideoWhisper.com developers can customize and add features for additional fees depending on exact requirements. This mainly refers to VideoWhisper plugins and 3rd party items with good development documentation / サンプル. For 3rd party items, integration and customization is limited by implemented hooks and depends mainly on existing code, documentation or their developers that can expand that.
    Software consists of videochat app that can be customised with parameters / by replacing interface skin images and the integration code (プラグイン) including php, js, css, settings that can be changed as needed. New options, features or changes in the app can be implemented by VideoWhisper developers.
    For 3rd party items, VideoWhisper developers can only evaluate integration / customizations depending on documentation and programming hooks/samples available for those items.
  • デザイン/インターフェース adjustments:
    開始するテーマを選択した後, WP テーマで経験豊富な web デザイナーによってカスタマイズできること. WP デザイナーは、カスタム テーマを作成することも (WP コーディングの要件や基準を満たしていること).
    ソリューションの特定の CSS (リストのユーザー ダッシュ ボードのように) プラグインのバックエンドで編集することができます。.
    Content on videochat page is generated by shortcodes from multiple plugins: ビデオチャット, profile fields, ビデオ, ピクチャー, ratings. There are multiple settings and CSS. Shortcodes are documented in plugin backend and can be added to pages, 投稿, templates.
    Multiple videochat interfaces are available: Flash (advanced), HTML5 (simple), HTML5 アプリ . Can be customized separately.
    Flash videochat skin graphics can be edited by replacing interface images in a templates folder as described in plugin backend. Videochat application layout and functional parameters can be edited in plugin settings.
    HTML5 interface elements can customized by extra CSS. A lot of core styling is done with Semantic UI and custom CSS can be used to alter elements.
    例では、 Semantic UI Button font can be edited with code like “.ui.button{font-family: verdana}” .
  • For VideoWhisper plugins, our developers can add additional options, カスタマイズを容易にするための設定, に応じて追加料金が発生する場合 正確なカスタマイズ要件.
    Customizing 3rd party plugins or themes can be done mainly by their providers.
  • Plugin code, updates, forks: All VideoWhisper plugins and updates are available for downloading with source php code from WordPress plugin repository.We don’t recommend editing current plugins and creating forks because you will lose ability for future automated updates. Updates are important with this cutting edge technology as browsers change and features may break. Updates may also include important optimizations, fixes, security patches that you will need to manually find and update in your new code if you work with a custom version.We recommend building/changing features using WordPress hooks, by creating a new plugin or child for your theme, per WordPress coding standards.
    Mobile apps or desktop applications to interact with the website platform can be integrated using WordPress REST API.
    Tell us the features you want to add and where and our developers can suggest options including addition of new insertion points like new actions, filters, REST API fields or end points.
    The integration php scripts for VideoWhisper solutions are provided for free with full php source. The VideoWhisper web applications are licensed (not sold) under commercial terms.
    New options, features or hooks can be implemented by VideoWhisper developers as sponsored development and published under same terms.
    Quotes mainly cover a priority development fee: Development costs are higher than these quotes but we are covering most of that for value solution improvements.
    While developing similar software involves thousands to tens of thousands USD, VideoWhisper may provide improvements for much lower prices ranging from hundreds to thousands.
    For new features that are not of generic nature and specifically involve your business and unique IP (Intellectual Property), you can use 3rd party developers under a different contracting and license model.
    Plugins include full php source and applications can be embedded by other plugins in similar way. Other applications (including mobile/desktop) can connect to same platform.
    On request, VideoWhisper developers can evaluate additional hooks or application features/options for extra functionality that will be implemented by 3rd party plugins or code.
  • Mobile apps:The platforms we provide come with HTML5 responsive web based interfaces that should work in mobile browsers that support these capabilities. These platforms and streaming protocols can also be used in combination with mobile apps (generic or custom). You can also test generic mobile broadcasting RTMP apps including Wowza GoCoder for iOS / アンドロイド, テレストリームワイヤーキャストゴー, Teradek Live Air Solo, ブロードキャスト・ミー, nanoStream Live, Larix Broadcaster. Streaming RTMP over TCP provides better reliability and quality compared to WebRTC over UDP, on wireless and mobile connections.
    After deploying base platform, our developers or other developers can build custom iOS or Android apps with registration/login and features similar to web based apps, including chat and other interactions. For starting to develop mobile apps, some requirements are involved:
    -the functional streaming platform to work with, needs to be deployed
    -accounts on iOS/Android app stores to be able to host apps (involves fees and approval from app stores)
    -site/platform, ビジネス, terms of use and policies need to be setup in detail for review by app stores
    -プラットホーム, business and content must meet app store terms and conditions, including content restrictions: some type of apps are not allowed
    -business registration with app stores for paid apps / services in needed
    -revenue sharing (app stores take 30%) and app store payment restrictions
    -specs of features that need to be implemented in mobile apps (usually similar to web app + registration/login)
    To avoid revenue sharing with app stores (30%, in addition to revenue sharing with performers) we recommend focusing on web based interface or building apps for broadcasters / clients without paid functionality (ペイ·パー·ミニッツ·, gifts, paid access or membership). For paid features clients should be directed to site.
    The web based apps work with calls to web platform and mobile apps can also be implemented to use same calls.
    Mobile apps can also be implemented by 3rd party developers as plugins include full php source for the site platform. Our developers can provide clarifications for streaming part or develop extra API calls for new features, in addition to existing web app functionality.
    In first stage we recommend starting with turnkey the web based platforms that you fully own and control. Then after customization and setup of business details, mobile apps can be developed and submitted to app stores.
  • Site Administration, Fine Tuning, Webmaster Services:
    Although VideoWhisper provides turnkey packages with software, ホスティング, インストール, あなたは自分のサイトを実行します / プラットホーム, which involves some time, patience and technical abilities or staff to run and manage own WordPress site.
    VideoWhisper developers can evaluate code for implementing new features and options in VideoWhisper plugins. For design, administration or customizing other plugins you can find other providers.
    When using other plugins or themes, these are supported mainly by their providers, especially for paid items. Running and managing WordPress can be done based on WordPress Documentation .
    Site administration may include review of registrations if approval is required, fine tune settings and configuration for own business (configuring billing plugin settings to match your billing account, membership roles, prices, toggle features), setup specific site pages like terms for your project requirements, install and configure 3rd party plugins you may want to use in your project.
    Finding a freelancer / consultant:
    If you don’t have the extra time or experience to run your new online business, フリーランサーWPコンサルタントを探すことができます. You can post a project on a site like Freelancer.com with your project requirements or inquire local webmaster/design service providers.
    Consultant needs to have previous experience with self hosted WordPress sites, setting up pages and menus, configuring plugins and themes and HTML/CSS skills if you need adjustments on theme and feature styling.
    When posting a project on Freelancer.com or similar marketplace you can mention:
    that your site is on WordPress and uses VideoWhisper plugins for live streaming and videochat,
    what you need done (configuration, administration, tweaks, design adjustments),
    preferred communication language and methods, maybe freelancer location/timezone to fit yours
  • プラグイン: Add and customize site features with WordPress plugins (+50k available).
    – 推奨プラグイン:

    • WordFence: site firewall and scanner (失敗したログイン試行回数を制限することによって保護するために, ボット攻撃 / 洪水の要求, マルウェアや脆弱性スキャン).
    • To prevent spam registrations use a captcha plugin (get a key from google) そして ユーザー検証プラグイン to automatically verify users by email confirmation. Also setup a special email account and a SMTP plugin to make sure users receive verification emails.
    • ような SMTP のメーリング リストのプラグイン 簡単 WP SMTP ホスティングのバックエンドからの実際のメール アカウントを設定 (setup an email from CPanel) または外部 (Gmail や他のプロバイダー), SSL およびすべての検証を使用してメールを送信するには. これは、ユーザーが登録の電子メールがスパム フィルターのトリガーを見つけることはありません事件を減らす必要があります。. 登録メールを見つけていない場合、迷惑メール フォルダーをチェックするユーザーを指示するも.
    • アダルト コンテンツを含むサイト, an 年齢認証 / 確認プラグイン 展開する必要があります。. このようなサイトの詳細とページを含める必要があります。 18 U.S.C. 2257 コンプライアンス. また, read more about アダルトビデオチャット事業 setups.
    • 上昇気流プラス – Automated WordPress backup plugin. ローカル記憶域のための無料します。. 生産サイト外部バックアップお勧めします (プレミアム). Great to have restore points in case of failed tweaks, hacks, data loss.
    • HTTPS のようなプラグインのリダイレクト 本当に単純な SSL , SSL 証明書がある場合は、HTTPS を構成 (VideoWhisper 計画として). ウェブカメラを放送する HTTPS が必要です。, クロムのような最新のブラウザーで. HTTP url を使用する場合 (お勧めしません), 外部の HTTP url を破壊を避けるために「自動混合コンテンツを置き換える」オプションを無効にします。 (like HLS).
    • Wp を採用スーパー キャッシュ: cache (既知のユーザーに対してキャッシュしたりパラメーターを取得するように構成, ボットやクローラーがサイト リソースを食べることからの保護に最適)

    Turnkey Features Plugins:

    • ウーコマース : ecommerce プラットホーム
    • バディ : コミュニティ (メンバーのプロフィール, アクティビティ ストリーム, ユーザー グループ, メッセージング)
    • 先生のLMS : learning management system
    • bbPress: clean discussion forums

    Plugin Suggestion: install only plugins that are really necessary for project because adding many results in higher setup complexity (hassle with conflicting settings or hooks) and high resource usage per request (lower user capacity and speed for website). Often when adding plugins, less is more.
    Plugins should be activated and configured, one by one.
    – If site gets broken by a plugin you add, you can remove last added plugin by ftp from /public_html/wp-content/plugins or contact technical support.
    Plugins should be updated often to latest versions. Using older versions is high risk due to public exploits or bugs from older versions.

  • Site Optimization and Content for Traffic, Promotion:
    A new site / domain does not have any traffic until promoted (listed on other sites so people find the new domain / site link).Traffic can come from:
    social media (new site should have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts or business pages that can also be promoted with paid ads or partner influencers)
    search engines (content pages that target specific keywords, SEO with back links from directories, other sites, forums where site is added or paid ads with Google ads)
    other sites (link exchanges, paid links, listings) that also improve search engine rankings
    Easiest way to promote this type of site is from performer/provider social media accounts and other influencers / partners. Popular providers have many clients and followers.
    As platform uses WordPress, it’s easy to add specific content/articles/news in 投稿 that can be shared on social media.
    Also platforms supports adding ビデオ そして ピクチャー that can be shared on social media. Multimedia content (ビデオ, ピクチャー) has greater visibility and engagement.
    For SEO services, assistance with advertising site and campaigns, you could post a project with your requirements on Freelancer.com or similar site and discuss in detail with freelancers. You can also try promotional gigs from sites like Fiverr.com to get some starting backlinks, social media followers.VideoWhisper provides the website software and compatible hosting with live streaming services to implement features similar to live demos.
    Other aspects of the new site (marketing, management, logo and identity design, registration with billing sites and social media platforms) are beyond the scope of these services and depend on each business.
    These can be done by site owner, business staff or other specialized providers, depending on startup strategy, target market, local/niche opportunities.

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