Webcam models list: AJAX listing with live webcam previews, filters, search, reviews, sorting.

Solution can be tested in the online demos.

Demo Home : Webcams List

This demo uses the Elision theme as sample. See more premium themes and customization suggestions. Solution does not require or include specific themes.

Webcam Videochat Page

By default opens in HTML5 videochat interface (no Flash required). Multiple interfaces (selectable by performer) are available.

Full Page Videochat
Integrated Webcam Page

Client view: Users can also quickly move to a different performer room (random videochat) with Next button

Random Videochat Page with Next Performer Button

Next Performer button in HTML5 Videochat interface.

PPVCamDemo - Random Videochat
Custom role registration: performers, clients and studios (optional).

Registration Page

Registration roles: performer / client / studio (if enabled).

Can be customised as needed (teacher/student, advisor/client, expert/member).

Registration - Demo

Free Mode / Trial Evaluation / Code Review / Backend Testing

Solution can be tested in the online demos.
Also can be downloaded for evaluation in free (limited) mode. That requires compatible hosting that meets all requirements.

To review available backend features and settings you just need a WP setup where to deploy plugin (streaming requirements are not necessary for just reviewing backend menus, pages, settings). After downloading plugin you can also review the php source code.

Download WP PPV Live Webcams Plugin

If you have compatible hosting and want to install yourself, you can follow this videochat script installation tutorial.

Hosting plans can also be tested with the online demos. We do not provide free hosting plans or free access to rtmp address due to high resources required for streaming and setup costs.

Best way to evaluate everything in full mode is with license and our fully compatible turnkey hosting subscriptions.

Each order includes one free installation, if compatible hosting is available (see requirements).

Both hosting plans and licenses can be rented for a minimum duration of 1 month by ordering a subscription. It can be canceled until month ends from billing site if you don’t want to continue.

You can use our rtmp hosting plans for everything (web+rtmp) or in combination with your current web hosting (install application on your site and configure it to use rtmp address from a plan you have with us). For increased reliability and features we recommend the commercial Wowza server.

Live Active Sites

There are many sites using this solution as detected in the official repository for WordPress Plugins: PaidVideoChat (100+ Active Installs).
We don’t list or endorse these. The 3rd party sites may use older versions, additional plugins or tweaks that display features different than for solution we provide.
We highly recommend evaluating features with our live demos and php code with trial downloads, as mentioned above.
The live demo we run is the best place to evaluate solution before ordering, as you will obtain a similar setup.