To run this solution, you need (I) the software and (II) compatible hosting.

Quick order combo packages for full mode license + complete hosting are available from $95/month.

I. Software License

The WP PPV Live Webcams Plugin is based on VideoWhisper Video Messenger application which requires a level 3 license:
Order License

Full mode license for 1 domain can be purchased for $450/lifetime or rented for $45/month for full mode evaluation or short projects. Each order includes one free installation, if compatible hosting is available (see requirements).

Combo rental plans that include full mode license, compatible complete hosting for all features, start from $95/month.

II. Compatible Hosting

This software has special requirements (for the video streaming and live interaction part, regular shared web hosting is not enough):


You can use our rtmp hosting plans for everything (web+rtmp) or in combination with your other web hosting (install application on your site and configure it to use rtmp address from a plan you have with us).
If you need to enable live video archiving, we recommend Wowza and using same server for web and rtmp (so rtmp videos are accessible by web scripts). If you need mobile video delivery by HLS supported by this solution, Wowza is required.

If you just need a remote RTMP host for main functionality, to use it in combination with a different web host, see the Host RTMP – Remote RTMP hosting plans from $9/month.  These plans do not support advanced functionality like HLS mobile video delivery or video archiving and also has simultaneous users and bitrate limitations.

For full & optimal functionality, considering running such website usually requires a dedicated server and Wowza license alone is $95/month, we provide very affordable complete plans for our clients, that start from $50/month and include all hosting requirements (web + rtmp) :

Complete Turnkey Hosting
Our plans are optimised for streaming, on 1000Mbps connection and managed by our administrators that setup and keep services running at optimum performance.

For big projects we can provide managed dedicated streaming servers with Wowza from $275/month (paid yearly) and managed dedicated streaming servers with Red5 from $225/month (paid yearly).

III. Customisations

  • Easily skin site with a professional WordPress theme .
    We recommend a theme that can be configured to have a wide content area (preferably full page width) so application interface can take up necessary space. Some tested themes: Jupiter, Impreza, Elision, Sweet Date 4U.
  • After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, VideoWhisper developers can customize these for additional fees depending on exact requirements.