PaidVideoChat is a complete solution to build a pay-per-view / pay-per-minute videochat website with tips, unlimited performers / clients, virtual wallet and multiple gateway support, customizable features / permissions / tarifs.

This is a turnkey ppv videochat script that can power sites for webcam adult models, paid consultants and experts, psychic readers, personal trainers and various other providers.

Solution is mobile friendly with a HTML5 videochat app (works on mobile), includes custom registration types as performer/client, AJAX webcams list, group and private pay per minute videochat shows, Paramètres PPV (coût par minute, grace time), custom CPM for each performer, integration with myCRED tokens and WooCommerce Wallet plugin for billing (Paypal, Zombaio, Skrill, Facturation nette, BitPay and more gateways), customizable for a multitude of user interaction and billing scenarios, offline teaser video loops, performer video and picture gallery, studios that can create/manage multiple performers, chat vidéo aléatoire – next performer button, video conferencing and collaboration modes, privé 2 les appels vidéo.

It’s easy to setup: deploy solution on a compatible host, configure niche and billing options, choose an appropriate theme (thousands available for this framework) and site is ready to go.

Solution Features

  • Types d’enregistrement personnalisés: interprète, client, studio
    Admin can define custom role names for performer (model, expert, enseignant, tuteur, conseiller, trainer, consultant, psychic, therapist) and client (membre, utilisateur, student, patient, trainee).
  • AJAX webcams list (customisable)
    Admin can define template and CSS for each listing.
  • Public chat and video
    Each performer has a public chat room (lobby) to broadcast live video and chat with group of possible clients. Access to public can be controlled by global membership, room access list or a room fee.
  • Multi Cam
    Performer can broadcast multiple webcams (from different angles) and viewers can switch to favourite relevant angle, depending on live show action.
    Performer can start/close extra cams at runtime, as desired. Maximum number of extra cams and capability is controlled by admin.
  • Private PPM (Payer à la minute) Sessions
    Users can request paid videochat shows. Performers can can accept and start show. Performers can also toggle to hide or reject all requests automatically.
  • Group PPM (Payer à la minute) Sessions
    Performers can start group mode paid sessions. Multiple group modes can be defined by admins from backend (free/topless/nude, free/advise/consultation or other modes depending on service theme).
  • Mode de présentation
    Admins or performer (per room) can enable presentation mode that enables more advanced features and interface for collaboration/presentations, including presentation screen and multiple new features like file sharing, diaporamas, Annotations, enregistrement, tableau blanc.
  • Paramètres PPV
    Admin can define cost per minute, grace time and optionally enable performers to setup their own custom CPM for private/publish paid sessions.
  • Tips with sound and private message
    Clients can send tips to performers with private message, and plublic text and sound notification.
  • Multiple payment gateways
    myCRED plugin includes PayPal Standard, Skrill (Moneybookers), NetBilling, Zombaio, BitPay (bitcoin). D’autres modules de paiement sont disponibles pour un supplément: 2check-out, ComproPago, CoinBase, CoinPayments, payfast, AlertPay, Robokassa, Bande, Nous payons.
  • Personnalisable pour une multitude de scénarios d’interaction utilisateur et de facturation
    In addition to standardclient pays performer per minutescenario, solution can be setup to charge performer per minute (if performers get paid externally), setup access lists or flat fees for public group room, remove payments or multiple other scenarios and combinations.
  • Access Control for Features and Rooms
    Admins can configure global permissions (everybody, members, liste) and can enable features based on user role lists. Comme les autorisations d’accès sont basées sur les rôles, solution can use any membership plugin to setup paid membership, y compris la Adhésion payante plugin that works with credits/tokens.
    If allowed, performers can optionally control access to their webcam rooms based on:
    Access Lists
    Access Password
    Price per Room
  • HLS/MPEG transcoding support for iOS/Android mobile browsers
    Enabling HLS allows mobile users to view the performer live video stream from their iOS/Android mobile. Due to browser limitations only live video can be transmitted (in full device screen, without other interface or interactions). When performer enters a private show, transcodage (and HLS & MPEG DASH availability) is stopped. Optionnellement, HLS can be allowed during private shows, great when setting membership or paid access for rooms.
  • AJAX HTML Chat with transcoded HTML5 HSL / MPEG Dash stream
    AJAX chat works on html5 mobile browsers / devices that show the html5 live streaming inline (with other content on same screen).
    Group modes (including paid group mode) and free time limitations work in HTML mode but involve risks especially on PC (users may keep access to stream with JS browser extensions). Tableau de bord MPEG / HLS Device targeting should not be enabled for PC and allowed only on mobiles.
  • Integrates Partage vidéo VOD for performers to share videos
    Performers can add videos to their videochat page. These can be uploaded or imported from past broadcasts / Montre (if broadcast archiving is enabled).
  • Integrates Galerie for performers to share pictures.
Webcam models list: AJAX listing with live webcam previews, Filtres, recherche, reviews, sorting.

AJAX Live Webcam Listings

100% web broadcasting , preview from server, webcam/microphone selection, configure resolution and bitrate, streaming statistics.

Performer/Broadcaster goes online in HTML5 Videochat and starts broadcasting in own webcam room.

Vidéochat aléatoire de la salle suivante

Chat vidéo aléatoire : Next button to quickly move to next perfomer - Vidéochat HTML5

HTML5 privé 2 manière webcam appel vidéo. Payer par minute.

HTML5 privé 2 manière webcam appel vidéo. Payer par minute.

Vidéoconférence HTML5: Écran partagé dans plusieurs emplacements pour montrer aux utilisateurs qui activent leurs webcams. Propriétaire de la chambre (modérateur) assigne les utilisateurs aux emplacements et contrôle ce que tout le monde regarde.Vidéoconférence HTML5: Écran partagé dans plusieurs emplacements pour montrer aux utilisateurs qui activent leurs webcams. Propriétaire de la chambre (modérateur) assigne les utilisateurs aux emplacements et contrôle ce que tout le monde regarde.

Video Conference with Split View

2 Way Private Show on Request - Vidéochat HTML5

Conseils : Custom Gifts in Private / Public Chat - Vidéochat HTML5

Custom role registration: performers, clients et studios (optionnel).

Custom registration roles: interprète, client, studio

Webcam Listings: Extended listing mode with details and review

HTML5 Live Streaming interface - streams transcoded from legacy interface and tips

Performers can add videos to their webcam page.

Rate Star Review integration: AJAX Reviews for Content, with Star Ratings

Implementation Highlights

  • Free to Download and Test
    Solution can be downloaded, installed and run for free (with some limitations).
  • 100% PHP plugin source code
    Plugin abides to WP coding and security standards and is distributed and curated trough official WordPress repository: easy installation, update notifications, high security.
  • Translation Ready
    Plugin is localized, ce qui signifie qu’un fichier .pot qui contient la plupart des textes est inclus. Plusieurs traductions pour le plugin sont disponibles sous forme de fichiers .po / .mo et vous pouvez également éditer / ajuster ou ajouter de nouvelles langues à l’aide d’un plugin de traduction.
    Les textes de l’application Videochat peuvent être traduits à partir des paramètres du plugin.
  • Thousands of Themes
    Framework supports thousands of themes to choose from, including free and premium commercial themes .
    We recommend a theme that can be configured to have a wide content area (préférence de pleine page largeur) so application interface can take up necessary space. Quelques thèmes testés: Jupiter, Impreza, Élision, Date doux 4U.
    For logo, you can start from a modèle de logo professionnel.
  • Customizable Listings and CSS
    Solutions implements customizable listing templates and customizable CSS for main content like listings, dashboards. These can easily be edited from plugin settings and reset to defaults when necessary.
  • Custom Listing Profile Fields and Administrative Records for Profile Approval
    Admins can define custom fields for performers to fill and list on webcam room page or submit for admin review and approval.
  • Multiple Backend Settings
    Available plugin settings and options are documented in plugin backend and organised in multiple sections: Serveur, Intégration, Cam Listings, Interprète, Enregistrements de compte, Caractéristiques, Profile, client, Studio, Group Modes, Présentation, Pay Per Minute, Conseils, Facturation, Vidéos & Pics, Scheduler, Mobile: HLS/MPEG-Dash, Traduire, Réinitialisation.
  • Backend Tools
    In addition to configuring plugin, paramètres, backend also includes special tools for: User Approve to review accounts and process approvals, Live Admin to monitor live sessions and spy webcams, Session Logs to review public and private session details.
    Also Webcam listings tool can be used to edit certain settings like Custom CPM, Custom Group CPM, Custom Earning Ration, Featured Level (to show with priority in default listings), Custom Room Link.
  • Secure Streaming
    VideoWhisper plans include SSL and connections are secured, using HTTPS for web pages and WSS for websockets for WebRTC signaling. Most browsers don’t allow publishing webcam from pages without HTTPS.Streams are secured with Session Control feature that restricts access based on site setup by including special keys. Access can be restricted by room, role, as necessary on each project.
  • Vidéochat HTML5 , 100% basé sur le Web, pas de Flash, also works on mobiles
    Performers can start their rooms in HTML5 mode, using WebRTC to broadcast (also works from iOS/Android).
    Un serveur de streaming est utilisé comme relais pour l’évolutivité, fiabilité et disponibilité des flux interprotocoles. Le serveur relais gère également les sessions et les interactions avancées en temps réel.
  • RTMP Server Choice for legacy Flash app
    Supports most reliable and popular advanced RTMP streaming servers: Wowza SE, Red5, Adobe. If web video archiving / archive processing is not required, a remote rtmp host can be used.
    For HLS delivery of video stream to mobile browsers Wowza is required and FFMPEG with NellyMoser & AAC for transcoding.
    Recommended RTMP server type: Wowza Streaming Engine supports advanced features and settings.
  • Reliable and Secure Framework: WordPress
    Compared to other solutions, this script benefits from power of WordPress, reliability, ease of use, plugins, themes, a large community of experienced developers and designers, codage et normes de sécurité de haute qualité.
    WP is the top platform of choice for top sites: About 1/3 of most successful 10k sites online use WordPress.
    WordPress inclut plusieurs plugins avancés, testé et utilisé sur des millions de sites:

    • WooCommerce: plate-forme de commerce électronique
    • BuddyPress: communauté (profils des membres, flux d’activité, groupes d’utilisateurs, la messagerie)
    • Sensei LMS: système de gestion de l’apprentissage
    • bbPress: forums de discussion propres
    • Courant ascendant Plus: plugin de sauvegarde automatisé, gratuit pour le stockage local
    • WordFence: pare-feu de site, scanner de logiciels malveillants & nettoyeur

    Some Premium WP Plugins

    • WooCommerce adhésionsConfigurer un abonnement payant comme produits. Effet de levier avec les abonnements plugin permet aux cotisations.
    • Abonnements WooCommerceInstallation des produits d’abonnement, contenu. S’appuie sur la composition du plugin pour configurer l’appartenance subscriptionsSetup au moins 1 rôle rémunéré qu’ils obtiennent en achetant l’adhésion.
    • WooCommerce RéservationConfigurer les produits de réservation avec le calendrier, disponibilité, dépôts de réservation, confirmations pour 1 sur 1 ou réservations de groupe. Inclure le lien de la salle des artistes.
  • [optionnel] Mobile app development
    Due to mobile browser limitations, full interactions can only be achieved with applications mobiles personnalisées .
  • Transcoding, HTML5 HLS, Tableau de bord MPEG, HTML chat for Mobiles
    Performer streams broadcast using advanced PC interface can be transcoded and delivered as HTML5 HLS, Tableau de bord MPEG (appropriate format is automatically detected and used depending on user device and browser).
    A simplified HTML public chat interface is also available (works in mobile browsers that permit video inline with other page contents).
    Mobile browser capabilities are limited: A mobile app is required for full functionality that includes broadcasting webcam, advanced interactions like tips and private show.
  • Design/Interface Adjustments
    Après avoir sélectionné un thème à partir, qui peut être personnalisé par un web designer expérimenté avec WP themes. Un concepteur de WP peut également créer un thème personnalisé (qui satisfait aux exigences et normes de codage de WP).
    Solution CSS spécifiques (comme pour les listes et les tableaux de bord utilisateur) peuvent être modifiés dans le backend plugin.
    Videochat skin graphics can be edited by replacing interface images. Videochat application layout and functional parameters can be edited in plugin settings.
  • Customize Site Contents and Pages
    Pages du site, menus, les catégories et les sections peuvent être modifiées à partir du backend WP CMS. La plupart des sites ont besoin de confidentialité, Termes de pages d’utilisation.
  • Traduction
    Le plugin est localisé, ce qui signifie qu’un fichier .pot qui contient la plupart des textes est inclus. Plusieurs traductions pour le plugin sont disponibles sous forme de fichiers .po / .mo et vous pouvez également éditer / ajuster ou ajouter de nouvelles langues à l’aide d’un plugin de traduction. Les textes de l’application Videochat peuvent être traduits à partir des paramètres du plugin.
  • Customize Features
    Après avoir commandé la solution et configuré les éditions existantes, VideoWhisper.com personnel peut personnaliser ces moyennant des frais supplémentaires selon le besoins précis.
    Le logiciel se compose d’une application de chat vidéo qui peut être personnalisée avec des paramètres / en remplaçant les images de peau interface et le code d’intégration (plugin) y compris php, js, CSS, paramètres qui peuvent être modifiées selon les besoins. Nouvelles options, fonctionnalités ou modifications dans l’application peuvent être implémentées par les développeurs de VideoWhisper.

Webcam Room Setup Features

Sample of features configurable for each room:

Cost Per Minute
Cost per minute for private shows (ensemble 0 to use default). Default: 0.50 Min: 0.10 Max: 5.00
Cost Per Minute in Group Mode
Cost per minute for group shows. Replaces paid group CPM (ensemble 0 to use default). Default: 0.50 Min: 0.10 Max: 5.00
2 Way Slots
2 way slots in room. Replaces default group mode slots (ensemble 0 to use default).
Update room picture to use instead of live snapshot.
Show Select what to show in webcam listings.
Shows in room listings instead of name.
Catégorie Webcam category.
La description
Room description: profil, Annexe. Shows on room page.
Room brief info: profil, Annexe. Shows in room listings.
Private Videochat Mode Allow clients to start their cams for 2 façon vidéochat.
Ban Countries
List of locations (pays, region, city or continent code, separated by comma) that can not access webcam room.
Mots clés
Tags separated by comma. Show in room listings.
Mode de présentation Enables presentations mode with presentation screen, Annotations, tableau blanc, le partage de fichiers.
Logo Image
Floating logo URL (preferably a transparent PNG image). Leave blank to hide.
Logo Link
URL to open on logo click.
Access List
User roles, logins, emails separated by comma. Leave empty to allow everybody to access.
Access Price
Webcam room access price. Leave 0 for free access.
Access Password
Password to protect room page access. Leave blank to not require password.