要運行該解決方案, 你需要 (一世) 的軟體 和 (二) 相容 託管. 解決方案可以是 定制 而且還有一個 常見問題.

為快速訂購套餐服務 全模式許可證租用 (for all interfaces) + 完整的託管計畫 可用:

起 動 器 plan is available from $105 $99 per month to get project up and running. Recommended for new projects, 在與多個同時使用的使用者進行開發和測試的過程中. 包括 all web apps in full mode without ads or software limitations – 水準 4 許可 ($55/mo) 和 完成–Starter 託管計畫 ($50/mo). Includes free installation ($25/install).
在進入生產模式時或在開始在網站上做廣告之前, upgrading to a higher plan is recommended to be ready for inflow of clients.

專業 plan is for early stage startups, streaming simultaneously 36Mbps to small groups with several dozens of members. Includes all web apps ($55/mo) 和 WebRTC Complete – Professional hosting plan ($100/mo). 免費安裝. Save 16$/month with this license & 託管組合.

專家 plan is for startup projects, streaming simultaneously 72Mbps for up to a hundred viewers. Includes all features and WebRTC Complete – Expert hosting plan. 免費安裝. 使用此許可證可節省20美元/月 & 託管組合.

主人 plan is for established startups, streaming simultaneously 120Mbps for up to couple hundred viewers. Includes all features and WebRTC Complete – Master hosting plan. 免費安裝. 使用此許可證可節省 25$25/月 & 託管組合.

大亨 計畫是大專案, 同時資料流, 適用于數百個觀眾, 最高可達480Mbps. Includes all web applications ($55/mo) and one 完成 – 莫古爾託管計畫 ($400/mo). 免費安裝. 專案可以是 規模 通過為子網站或自訂負載平衡設置添加額外的 Mogul 計畫. 莫臥兒計畫也可以安排下月轉移到不同的地點 (像歐盟的不同區域, 英國), 根據要求. Save 30$/month with this license & 託管組合.

  • Allplans include free installation. Installation of all features on complete plans requires pointing a domain/subdomain to the compatible hosting account. Setup on other host with remote streaming involves feature limitations and possible only with specific host requirements (usually not available on regular web hosts).
  • If you don’t have a domain registered for this project, yet, 您可以 register a new domain for your project. Use coupon: videowhisper
  • Existing WordPress sites can be moved to these turnkey plans before installing solution. Include WP admin credentials if you want to solution added to existing setup.
  • Please allow around a couple of working days (in average) for setup, after order processing. Depending on exact time of ordering, non working days, it can take few days. 訂購速度更快, 更快的,你得到它的設置.
  • 組合服務的詳細資訊和條款可在其頁面上找到, 包括託管計畫的資源配置. Monthly plans are renewed each month, 直到取消.
  • 計畫訂閱可以隨時從下訂單的計費網站取消. Cancellation stops automated renewal. These services and hosting resources are not returnable due to their nature.
  • Plans can be upgraded to higher plans if more hosting resources are required for increased speed, 可靠性和使用者容量. 升級後分配資源.

一世. 軟體許可證

The Paid Videochat / WP PPV Live Webcams solution integrates multiple VideoWhisper web applications for videochat interfaces and other live video streaming features. The highest level 4 license enables full mode for all these web apps on project domain:
Purchase License

全模式許可證 為 1 域可以 purchased for $550/lifetime or rented for $55/month for full mode evaluation, development stage or limited time projects. 每個訂單都包含一個免費安裝, 如果兼容主機可用 (了解需求).

More details on licensing applications and options: 解決方案支援 3 chat interfaces that can be used by performers: 先進 (Video Messenger Flash), HTML5 (HTML5 即時流式處理), HTML5 應用程式 (HTML5 視頻聊天). Live Streaming is used for video only playback of stream. VideoWhisper web applications are available with different licenses and ordering higher includes the lower ones. For lifetime license, upgrading is possible for price difference. Rental plans can be switched as necessary by ordering new and cancelling previous.

除了標準的線上支付方式 (像貝寶, 信用卡) in most currencies, license can be purchased with crypto currencies (像 BTC, eth, ltc, 破折號) 和 processing discount is available.

組合租賃計畫,其中包括完整模式許可證, 相容完全託管的所有功能, 從95元/月開始.

III. 的定制

根據專案, 自訂選項包括:

  • 主題: 得到 專業的WordPress主題 到皮膚部位, 更改設計.
    主題與寬內容區域 (最好是完整的頁面寬度) 所以視頻聊天介面可以使用大部分空間應使用.
    一些測試的主題: 木星, 翼豹, 省略, 甜蜜的約會 4U.
  • 徽標: 您可以從開始 專業的標誌模板.
  • 內容: 網站頁面, 功能表, 類別和部分可以編輯從 WP CMS 後端.
  • 備份服務: 向上拔模加 – 自動 WordPress 備份外掛程式. 免費本機存放區. 對於生產網站,建議進行外部備份 (溢價).
  • 翻譯: 外掛程式已當地語系化, 這意味著包含 mosts 文本的。. 外掛程式的多個翻譯可用作. po/. mo 檔, 還可以使用翻譯外掛程式編輯/調整或添加新語言. 聊天應用程式文本可以從外掛程式設置中轉換.
  • 特點: 訂貨溶液和設置現有版本後, VideoWhisper.com 工作人員可以自訂這些額外費用取決於 具體要求.
    套裝軟體括聊天應用程式, 可以定制的參數 / 通過更換介面外觀圖像和集成代碼 (外掛程式) 包括 php, js, css, 可以根據需要更改的設置. 新選項, 應用程式的功能或更改可以由 VideoWhisper 開發人員實現.

二. 相容的託管

該軟件具有特殊要求 (對於視頻流和實時交互部分, 常規的共享虛擬主機是不夠的):


全部功能 & 優化功能, considering running such website usually requires a dedicated server and Wowza SE license alone requires extra $95/month on a 3rd party server, 我們為我們的客戶提供完整的很實惠的計畫, 該開始 從50元/月 include hosting requirements for all features (捲筒紙 + all streaming protocols) :

我們的計劃是為流優化, 在千兆連接,並通過我們的管理員管理的設置,並保持服務以最佳性能運行.

More details and options for hosting:
We provide multiple options for the required streaming hosting to handle some or all the features, starting from $9/mo (for remote rtmp only with basic video stream support), $35/mo (remote webrtc/rtmp/rtsp/hls) or $50/mo (complete hosting with all streaming capabilities and CPanel) .

A domain (like yourdomain.com) or subdomain (like videochat.yourdomain.com) can be used to host turnkey solution.
We recommend you use our turnkey complete hosting plans for everything (捲筒紙 + 流媒體服務, 運行高級功能所需的內容) but you can also use in combination with your other web hosting (install solution on different hst and configure it to use streaming address from a plan you have with us) with limited functionality.

如果您需要啟用即時視頻歸檔, we recommend Wowza SE and using same server for web and streaming is required (所以RTMP視頻是通過網頁腳本訪問). If you need mobile video delivery by HLS or WebRTC relay supported by this solution, Wowza SE is also required.
轉碼, stream handling and snapshots requires FFMPEG with specific codecs on web host.

ps: 標準 Web 託管伺服器和計畫不包括所需的特定即時流伺服器功能#8217, 伺服器軟體許可, 工具和配置或管理員體驗了此類功能.
我們不建議使用沒有這些流式解決方案經驗的供應商, 因為這通常會導致長期的安裝麻煩和不可靠的服務。.
Our administrators can assist with setting up and administrating 3rd party servers, 額外費用, 但這樣的協力廠商主機可能無法設計 (作為硬體, 網路, 系統, 配置) 提供具有良好性能和可靠性的功能.
使用我們的計畫和伺服器通常更快, 更具成本效益和 reliabile 的設置自己的伺服器, 以零售價授權所有必要的軟體, 管理自訂流配置和服務.
We recommend starting with our turnkey plans for quick reliable deployment and getting familiar with implementation and technology requirements in an environment where our staff can provide support.

IV. 足球 Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about solution, ordering, setup:

  • 運行解決方案所需的總成本是什麼??
    Solution consists of software license and compatible hosting and listed plans from $99/month include everything needed to deploy and run the solution. Additional investments for customizations are optional, depending on each project (you may want to get a premium theme, create a custom logo, add new features or advertise your site).
  • How many users can be connected at same time?
    In licensed (full) mode all software limitations are removed meaning unlimited rooms and users can be active at the same time. These are limited only by the hosting resources and installation settings/parameters.
    Simultaneous users capacity depends on hosting streaming bitrate available. In example to watch 800kbps streaming, 10 users would require 8Mbps. Plan resources are described on plan pages (in example turnkey complete hosting) but exact capacity depends on each site, streaming bitrate configuration, specific user interaction pattern. You can do some rough estimates when selecting plan to start and then upgrade at runtime depending on real usage statistics.
  • Do I need a streaming server (Wowza SE) 許可證時使用您的主機?
    不, 我們的伺服器已經獲得許可. The plan price listed on site includes all mentioned hosting features.
    使用協力廠商提供程式設置自己的伺服器時, 應考慮多個專案, 以滿足所有要求 (as described on "要求" 頁streaming server setup and administration page): suitable hardware and network, specific server software licensing, server software installation, specific streaming server configuration, optimizations and maintenance.
  • 使用 web 時是否需要轉移我的域 + rtmp 託管計畫?
    不, 你只需要指向域 (從域註冊器) 命名帳戶設置中提供的服務. 如果您沒有域, 但您可以 向任何註冊商註冊域. Pointing domain involves changing hosting (if already have a host), not domain registrar. You can have domain registered with any registrar.
  • 我可以使用協力廠商主機嗎??
    只有當它滿足所有 要求. 常規 web 主機通常不滿足要求, 也沒有經驗, 為此類設置設計的配置/網路/伺服器. 我們不建議使用沒有這些流式解決方案經驗的供應商, 因為這通常會導致長期的安裝麻煩和不可靠的服務。.
  • 它的交付速度有多快?
    License and regular turnkey hosting setup is usually delivered in a couple of days.
    Installation assistance can be provided after domain propagates to the compatible hosting plans or complete required installation details are provide, when hosting with a 3rd party.
  • How is this delivered?
    After licensing and/or hosting setup, details are sent in a new ticket with notification to emails provided when ordering. 確保您提供了功能性電子郵件和備用電子郵件. 如果在估計交貨時間內沒有通知, 您可以 從連絡人頁面提交票證 with order details to make sure you are receiving the emails. 通知電子郵件有時會轉到垃圾郵件資料夾, 因為它們包含多個連結, 包括基於 IP 的連結 (用於託管).
    交貨通知不應與來自計費網站的自動計費通知相混淆, 在訂單處理後立即發送.
  • 這工作在手機上?
    是的, solution implements HTML5 only interfaces both for performer and clients.
    – 的 HTML5 視頻聊天 介面 (推薦) works in mobiles and uses WebRTC technology.
    Performers can also start session in simplified HTML5 Streaming mode using WebRTC technology.
    For sessions started by performer in Flash Video Chat mode, playback of live stream is available in mobile browsers as HTML5 Streaming with HLS or MPEG DASH, after transcoding based on recommended Wowza plans.
  • Is WebRTC supported?
    是的, solution implements WebRTC for streaming to/from media relay server. Performers can start session in HTML5 Videochat or simplified HTML5 Streaming mode to use WebRTC.
    This brings compatibility for HTML5 mobile browsers, to allow streaming directly from site without configuring stand alone encoder apps.
    流伺服器用作可伸縮性的中繼, 可靠性和跨協定流可用性. 轉送伺服器還即時管理會話和高級交互.
  • Why not use P2P?
    As standard WebRTC implementations utilize peering networks, there still has to be a nearby node to help distribute the stream to other local hosts. 在全球網路中查看可能會非常困難.
    廣播機構需要伺服器級連接來即時傳輸到多個使用者, 並使用常規的家庭 ADSL 連接 (有更高的下載和更大的上傳) 導致真正的問題.
    在測試時使用 2 或很少的使用者在演示和小負載試驗中工作正常, 在生產模式中經常顯示 Wertc 限制: 變得不可用, 當許多使用者正在觀看相同的高清流和播音員連接是定期.
    All startups hope their streaming applications will become a huge success, with thousands of viewers watching. A performer streaming a full hd video at 6-8 Mbps directly to 100 世界各地的觀眾將需要高達 600 800mbps 的上傳連接, 這是不可能實現零售家庭連接. A streaming server in a well connected datacenter will do the job. Above average home ADSL connections have under 100Mbps upload allowing streaming such video to a maximum of 12 使用者.
  • 閃速支援呢??
    此解決方案支援新的 HTML5 技術和傳統的高級快閃記憶體應用程式: 網站管理員可以啟用, 執行者可以啟動這兩種類型的會話. 系統回應性地向用戶端顯示適當的介面和使用支援的技術 (快閃記憶體或 HTML5 WebRTC / 合肥光源 / MPEG DASH, 具體取決於用戶端設備和瀏覽器).
    長期以來, Flash 是可靠地實現某些功能 (如低延遲網路攝像頭廣播和交互) 的唯一可靠方法. 瀏覽器開發人員希望消除對此類外部外掛程式的依賴, 因為 2010 但能夠可靠地實現這些功能的技術需要很長時間才能實現. 隨著替代 HTML5 技術變得更好, 有計劃停止快閃記憶體支援 2020. Our solutions are incorporating both new technologies like HTML5, WebRTC, 合肥光源, 提供支援和橋樑, 以實現可靠的傳統快閃記憶體功能, 但主要瀏覽器支援.
  • 為什麼要使用 WordPress 框架?
    Many of most successful sites use WP framework: WordPress 是頂級的首選平臺 10 000 網站 due to its reliability, 代碼的品質, 易用性, 許多使用者的容量, ability to customize. For most startups it is best to use mature, open source code to achieve performance, 安全, reliability with cost effective investment.
    The turnkey videochat site solution is based on WordPress framework for managing users, 內容, setting billing, 插件 (secure tested high performance code chosen by top sites) and deploys as a standalone turnkey site solution.
    Why use WP framework and not custom scripts? This script benefits from power of WordPress, 可靠性, 易用性, 插件, 主題, 經驗豐富的開發人員和設計師大社區, 高品質的編碼和安全標準. Core code is continuously developed, tested and secured.
    Some developers could extract our videochat features from that WP plugin (provided with full PHP code) or simplified plain php edition and integrate with custom scripts or a different less popular framework. 這可能需要大量的時間和投資, 由此產生的代碼的品質可能會低於測試的品質, 安全, 可靠的工作方案框架.
  • 我還有其他問題: 我在哪裡可以找到進一步的澄清?
    提交機票 有了您的問題和 VideoWhisper 技術支援將儘快協助.