• Do I need to transfer my domain when using web + rtmp のホスティングの計画?
    いいえ, you just need to point domain (ドメイン レジストラーから) to name severs provided on account setup. If you don’t have a domain, yet you can register a domain with any registrar.
  • 第 3 パーティのホストを使用することができます。?
    それはすべてを満たす場合にのみ、 必要条件. Regular web hosts usually don’t meet the requirements and don’t have experience, configuration/network/servers designed for such setups. 長いセットアップの手間と信頼性の低いサービスにつながる多くの場合、これらのストリーミング ソリューション経験を持っていないプロバイダーを使用してはお勧めしません.
  • Does this work on mobiles?
    Due to mobile browser limitations, streaming camera to RTMP and advanced live interactions are not available on mobile browssers.
    Solution implements special features for mobile support of certain functionality.
    Playback of live stream is available in mobile browsers as plain HTML5 HLS / DASH after transcoding based on recommended Wowza plans. This is suitable for free public shows / ストリーム.
    Broadcasting live video and advanced interactions are available on mobile by developing custom モバイル アプリ.
  • I have some other questions. Where can I find further clarifications?
    Submit a ticket with your questions and VideoWhisper technical support will assist as soon as possible.