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Turnkey Package Subscription Refund Policy

पहला प्रभार

Before proceeding with an order, please take time and evaluate solutions to see if suitable for your project: Use live demos, software download, description pages with screenshots.

We provide demos to products prior to purchase (online setups and trial downloads) and clear references and licensing terms on the order pages. Turnkey package delivery includes setup of compatible hosting account, full mode licensing and installation/configuration that are not returnable as mentioned in terms on site. Contracted and allocated hosting resources are also not returnable.

If you can’t go ahead with your project for reasons that can’t be sorted out by clarifications, configuration or our developers, in reasonable way, you can cancel anytime before renewal and we can provide a partial refund.

A partial refund can be provided for remaining (not used) contracted time for hosting and full mode license, after deducting installation costs ($25/स्थापना).

Recurring Charges

योजना सदस्यता बिलिंग साइट जहां आदेश दिया गया था से कभी भी रद्द किया जा सकता है. रद्दीकरण स्वचालित नवीनीकरण बंद कर देता है, सेवा समाप्ति के परिणामस्वरूप.
A partial refund can be provided for remaining (not used) संकुचित काल, होस्टिंग और पूर्ण मोड लाइसेंस के लिए, पश् च निरसन. रद्द बिलिंग साइट से किया जा सकता है (तकनीकी सहायता का अनुरोध करके नहीं). बिलिंग साइट प्रबंधित करती है, रिकॉर्ड और रद्दीकरण की सूचित.


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