Backend funkcije

As solution is based on WordPress framework, the WP backend provides features to manage menus, site pages, theme i extra plugin installations and settings, content categories and tags.

Customize Solution

Solution implements special menus and pages in WP backend for managing specific settings and features:

Plugin Settings and Features

Plugin adds multiple features to backend including:

  • Postavke – configuration settings and options, including for integration with other plugins
  • User Approvereview user administrative details and approve
  • Live Adminreview live sessions connected to RTMP server
  • Sesija evidencije – review public and private videochat session and multiple parameters
  • Documentationdocumentation links, tutorials, shortcodes, installation review

Available plugin settings and options are documented in plugin backend and organized in multiple sections:

  • Server – configure web and streaming server settings
  • Integracija – integration settings for application, solution with WP framework
  • Cam rasporeda iz vodiča – configuration for listing, Predlošci, CSS
  • Učinak – configuration for performer role & funkcije
  • Zapisi naloga – configure administrative fields required for profile approval
  • Funkcije – toggle features for specific roles / membership
  • Profil – configure fields to show on listing pages
  • Klijent – configuration for client role & funkcije
  • Studio – configuration for studio role & funkcije
  • Režimi za grupu – setup group videochat modes (slobodan, Platio, archiving, snapshots, 2 način, voyeur)
  • Prezentacija – setup presentation mode for collaboration, e-učenje, presentation features (slideshow, objašnjenjima, dijeljenje datoteka)
  • Plati u minuti – configure pay per minute settings, put milosti, stope, ratios
  • Saveti – configure standard and custom tips
  • Naplate – configure billing plugin MyCred integration, gateway, Opcije
  • Videos Pictures Reviewsconfigure integration for Video Share VOD, Galerija slika, Rate Star Review
  • Planer – playlist scheduler
  • Mobilni telefon: Njegovo/MPEG-crta – configure transcoding for HTML5 playback, ajax chat, mobile detection and interfaces
  • Prevedi – tools to translate plugin and interface
  • Poništi – reset to default settings

Lista Web kamera

From Webcams list, administrators can review webcams, adjust specific settings like cost per minute, earning ratio (how much performer earns), featured listings.

Users List

From users list, administrators can review user administrative records, approve/disable users, review transactions and adjust balance.