هل رأيت ما يكفي للبدء في مشروعك الجديد? To run this solution, you need (I) the software و (II) متوافقة استضافة.

Quick start bundle packages for تأجير ترخيص الوضع الكامل (for all interfaces) + WebRTC Complete hosting plans are available, with discount, from $99/month.
Start from a functional setup, similar to live demos, ready to customize.

Order $99/month Plan

All turnkey bundle plans include:
✔ ترخيص برنامج الوضع الكامل (مستخدمين غير محدود)
✔ إدارة استضافة متوافقة لجميع الميزات وخدمات خادم البث المباشر HTML5, يمكنك الترقية مع نمو المشروع
✔ التثبيت المجاني: تحتاج فقط إلى توجيه مجال أو نطاق فرعي لتشغيل الحل الجاهز
✔ free solution updates, automated, when released
✔ full access by admin backend, files/data by cPanel, Softaculous, FTP, phpMyAdmin
✔ أي التزام طويل الأجل: تحميل التقدم وإلغاء في أي وقت

المبدئ plan is available at $105 $99 في الشهر to get project setup and running.

Recommended for new projects, during development and testing, streaming simultaneously 12Mbps to several simultaneous users, good streaming quality up to 480ص (1200كيلو بايت).

Includes all web apps in full mode without ads or software limitations – مستوى 4 رخصة ($55/مو) and the WebRTC Complete – Starter hosting plan ($50/مو).

Before launching into production mode or starting to advertise site, upgrading to a higher plan is recommended. Prepare for inflow of clients!

تثبيت مجاني ($25/تثبيت). Save extra $6 each month with this full mode license + hosting bundle plan at $99 ($105) في الشهر.

Professional plan is for early stage startups, streaming simultaneously 36Mbps to small groups with several dozens of members, good streaming quality up to 720ص (3600كيلو بايت).

Includes all web apps ($55/مو) و WebRTC Complete – Professional hosting plan ($100/مو).

تثبيت مجاني ($25/تثبيت). Save extra 16$ per month with this full mode license & hosting bundle at $139 ($155) في الشهر.

Expert plan is for startup projects, streaming simultaneously 72Mbps for up to a hundred viewers, good streaming quality up to 1080ص (6000كيلو بايت).

Includes all features and WebRTC Complete – Expert hosting plan.

تثبيت مجاني ($25/تثبيت). Save 20$/month with this full mode license & hosting bundle.

Master plan is for established startups, streaming simultaneously 120Mbps for up to couple hundreds of viewers, good streaming quality up to 1080ص (8000كيلو بايت).

Includes all features and WebRTC Complete – Master hosting plan.

تثبيت مجاني ($25/تثبيت). Save 25$/month with this full mode license & hosting bundle.

Rainmaker plan is for established projects, streaming simultaneously 240Mbps for up to few hundred viewers, good streaming quality up to 2K (16000كيلو بايت).
Includes all features and WebRTC Complete – Rainmaker hosting plan.

Project can be scaled by adding additional Rainmaker, Mogul plans for sub sites or custom load balancing setups. The Rainmaker, Mogul plans can also be scheduled to be moved next month on different location (like different zones in EU, المملكة المتحدة), عند الطلب.

تثبيت مجاني ($25/تثبيت). Save extra 25$ each month with this full mode license & hosting bundle at $330 ($355) في الشهر.

Mogul plan is for big projects, streaming simultaneously up to 480Mbps for multiple hundreds of viewers, good streaming quality at any resolution including 4K (40000كيلو بايت).
Includes all web applications ($55/مو) and one WebRTC CompleteMogul hosting plan ($400/مو).

Project can be scaled by adding additional Rainmaker, Mogul plans for sub sites or custom load balancing setups. The Rainmaker, Mogul plans can also be scheduled to be moved next month on different location (like different zones in EU, المملكة المتحدة), عند الطلب.

تثبيت مجاني ($25/تثبيت). Save 30$/month with this license & hosting combo.

Information and Terms
  • جميع الخطط تشمل التثبيت المجاني. Installation of all features on complete plans requires pointing a domain/subdomain to the compatible hosting account.
    Setup on other host with remote streaming involves feature limitations and is possible only with specific web host requirements like FFmpeg (usually not available on regular web hosts).

  • If you don’t have a نطاق registered for this project, yet, you can register a new domain for your project (free whois privacy). For an extra discount, use coupon: videowhisper
  • Existing وورد sites can be moved to these turnkey plans before installing solution. Include WP admin credentials if you want the solution added to existing setup.
  • Please allow around a couple of أيام العمل (in average) for setup, after order processing. Depending on exact time of ordering, non working days, it can take few days.
    أسرع من أجل, أسرع تحصل عليه الإعداد.
  • شمل تركيب means our staff will install WP, plugins, configure streaming, add menus and pages to be able to access features as in our demos, test to make sure it works and send you links to: access main sections, configure settings specific to your business (شعار, الفوترة) and review suggestions to improve setup / customize further.
  • Details and terms for services in combos are available on their pages, بما في ذلك تخصيص الموارد لخطط الاستضافة. Monthly plans are renewed each month, حتى تم إلغاؤه.
  • يمكن إلغاء اشتراكات الخطة في أي وقت من موقع الفوترة حيث تم وضع الطلب. الغاء stops automated renewal.
    Ordering and managing billing details / subscriptions / invoices is web based and automated (does not involve support), on billing site per BlueSnap billing Terms and Conditions.
    To manage BlueSnap billing, you can retrieve credentials from their site (use order number and order email to get account details), for each order.
    Live demos and downloads are available for evaluation prior to ordering your own setup. These services and hosting resources are not returnable due to their nature.
  • Plans can be upgraded to higher plans if more hosting resources are required for increased speed, الموثوقية وسعة المستخدم. يتم تخصيص الموارد بعد الترقية. Multi server scaling options can be implemented for extra, depending on project requirements.
  • الخصومات are متوفر for bundles with higher hosting (select above) and paying for longer term (1 year or more). After setting up and building project on entry monthly plans, depending on your volume estimates and available budget, contact us and specify hosting plan you need and duration, for a custom offer.
  • دعم: Although VideoWhisper provides turnkey packages with software, complete hosting with manage streaming servers, تركيب, each business owner is running your own site / النظام الأساسي.
    Site administration can include registering/managing/configuring accounts with payment/billing sites, setting up specific pages for terms depending on client jurisdiction, approving users, customizing settings for different options than defaults or configuring 3rd party themes/plugins/services.
    This involves some time, patience, technical abilities for website management or willingness to learn. Additional site staff (webmaster/consultant) can be used to run and manage own site, depending on volume and feature complexity.
    VideoWhisper staff can assist with configuring/troubleshooting own plugins, suggesting 3rd party plugins or evaluating custom development for specific requirements, clarifications and research for documentation links related to other plugins/services provided by 3rd parties for using in combination with solution, per support terms.
  • Services and solutions are available under terms mentioned on their sites. Ordering or using these sites and services is an agreement of these terms available in written, بما في ذلك: شروط الاستخدام, سياسة الخصوصية, Disclaimer, End User License Agreement, Support Terms, BlueSnap Billing Terms and Conditions.

This solution enables an effective way to run own platform you can customize, monetize and control as you wish without depending on external services or terms.
There’s only a flat licensing fee for unlimited users and costs for hosting resources you can upgrade as project grows. Streaming bitrate and capacity depends on hosting plan and setup configuration.
After starting, customizing and fully evaluating with the entry monthly plans see the yearly plan offers.
Solution can be customized and there is also a FAQ.

I. Software License

The Paid Videochat / WP PPV Live Webcams solution integrates multiple VideoWhisper web applications for videochat interfaces and other live video streaming features. The highest level 4 license enables full mode for all these web apps on project domain:
Purchase License

Full mode license من أجل 1 domain can be purchased for $550/lifetime or rented for $55/month for full mode evaluation, development stage or limited time projects. Each order includes one free installation, إذا استضافة متوافقة متاح (see requirements).

More details on licensing applications and options: Solution supports 3 chat interfaces that can be used by performers: متقدم (Video Messenger Flash), HTML5 (HTML5 Live Streaming), التطبيق HTML5 (HTML5 فيديوشات). Live Streaming is used for video only playback of stream. VideoWhisper web applications are available with different licenses and ordering higher includes the lower ones. For lifetime license, upgrading is possible for price difference. Rental plans can be switched as necessary by ordering new and cancelling previous.

In addition to standard online payment methods (like Paypal, credit card) in most currencies, license can be purchased with crypto currencies (like BTC, ETH, LTC, اندفاع) و processing discount is available.

Combo rental plans that include full mode license, compatible complete hosting for all features, start from $99/month.

III. Customisations

تخصيص: Detailed Options

Depending on project, customization options include:

  • موضوع: Get a المهنية وورد موضوع الى موقع البشرة, change design.
    A theme with wide content area (preferably full page width) should be used so videochat interface can use most of the space.
    Some tested themes: كوكب المشتري, Impreza, Elision, Sweet Date 4U.
  • شعار: يمكنك البدء من قالب شعار المهنية.
  • Contents: Site pages, menus, categories and sections can be edited from WP CMS backend.
  • الإضافات: Most WordPress plugins can be used to add complex features and customizations.
  • Backup Services: تيار صاعد بالإضافة إلىAutomated WordPress backup plugin. Free for local storage. For production sites external backups are recommended (قسط).
  • الترجمة: Plugin is localized, meaning a .pot file that contains mosts texts is included. Multiple translations for plugin are available as .po/.mo files and you can also edit/adjust or add new languages using a translation plugin. Videochat application texts can be translated from plugin settings.
  • ميزات: After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, VideoWhisper.com staff can customize these for additional fees depending on exact requirements.
    Software consists of videochat app that can be customised with parameters / by replacing interface skin images and the integration code (المساعد) including php, شبيبة, css, settings that can be changed as needed. New options, features or changes in the app can be implemented by VideoWhisper developers.

II. متوافقة استضافة

This software has special requirements (for the video streaming and live interaction part, regular shared web hosting is not enough):


HTML5 live streaming services and advanced features are based on licensed Wowza Streaming Engine server software, included on our servers. Without using our turnkey plans, hosting live streaming would involve a dedicated server, extra costs like $125/mo Wowza SE license, session control module $19/mo, streaming server configuration and administration costs.
All included in our complete hosting plans and turnkey site bundles at better costs, faster setup time:

Complete Turnkey Hosting
Our plans are optimised for streaming, on 1000Mbps connection and managed by our administrators that setup and keep services running at optimum performance.

More details and options for hosting:
We recommend starting with our turnkey plans because setting up your own live streaming servers involves higher costs, longer setup time, often lower reliability/performance and generally much hassle and effort compared to these starter plans.

A نطاق (like yourdomain.com) or subdomain (like videochat.yourdomain.com) can be used to host turnkey solution.
We recommend you use our turnkey complete hosting plans for everything (شبكة الإنترنت + streaming services, required to run advanced features) but you can also use in combination with your other web hosting (install solution on different hst and configure it to use streaming address from a plan you have with us) with limited functionality.

Ps: Standard web hosting servers and plans don’t include the required specific live streaming server capabilities, server software licensing, tools and configurations or administrators experienced with such features.
We don’t recommend using a provider that does not have experience with these streaming solutions as that often leads to long setup hassle and unreliable service.
Our administrators can assist with setting up and administrating 3rd party servers, for additional fees, but such 3rd party hosts may not be designed (as hardware, network, system, configuration) to provide such features with good performance and reliability.
Using our plans and servers is usually faster, more cost effective and reliabile that setting up own servers, licensing all necessary software at retail price, administrating custom streaming configurations and services.
We recommend starting with our turnkey plans for quick reliable deployment and getting familiar with implementation and technology requirements in an environment where our staff can provide support.

IV. ف.أ.ق.

Frequently Asked Questions about solution, ordering, الإعداد:

  • What are the total costs required to run solution?
    Solution consists of software license and compatible hosting and listed plans from $99/month include everything needed to deploy and run the solution. Additional investments for customizations are optional, depending on each project (you may want to get a premium theme, create a custom logo, add new features or advertise your site).
  • How many users can be connected at same time?
    In licensed (full) mode all software limitations are removed meaning unlimited rooms and users can be active at the same time. These are limited only by the hosting resources and installation settings/parameters.
    Simultaneous users capacity depends on hosting streaming bitrate available. In example to watch 800kbps streaming, 10 users would require 8Mbps. Plan resources are described on plan pages (in example turnkey complete hosting) but exact capacity depends on each site, streaming bitrate configuration, specific user interaction pattern. You can do some rough estimates when selecting plan to start and then upgrade at runtime depending on real usage statistics.
  • What streaming quality is supported?
    Streaming resolution and bitrate are configurable at runtime and also defaults can be configured from setup settings.
    Higher quality involves higher bitrate, meaning higher user connection and hosting plan requirements.
    و live demos are limited to 480p 750kbps for testing and in full mode any resolution and bitrate can be used, depending on hosting plan and broadcaster connection.
    Streaming can be done by WebRTC UDP with the web based interface and also with OBS desktop or GoCoder mobile app RTMP TCP, to accommodate broadcaster network conditions (UDP may be less reliable / bitrate limited with certain providers).
  • Do I need a streaming server (Wowza SE) license when using your hosting?
    لا, our servers are already licensed. The plan price listed on site includes all mentioned hosting features.
    When setting up own server with a 3rd party provider, multiple items should be considered to meet all requirements (as described on requirements page و streaming server setup and administration page): suitable hardware and network, specific server software licensing, server software installation, specific streaming server configuration, optimizations and maintenance.
  • Do I need to transfer my domain when using web + rtmp hosting plans?
    لا, you just need to point domain (from domain registrar) to name severs provided on account setup. If you don’t have a domain, yet you can register a domain with any registrar. Pointing domain involves changing hosting (if already have a host), not domain registrar. You can have domain registered with any registrar.
  • Can I use CloudFlare name servers or similar caching or static content optimization services?
    Not recommended. Highly dynamic and interactive features can be broken or delayed by services designed to optimize static content. More details are available on detailed متطلبات الصفحة : Session Control requires streaming server to make requests to web server and these are disabled by default CloudFlare setup.
    Other malfunctions from such services can occur in form of timeouts, restrictions on video uploads, disabling certain requests or site features, showing outdated output or wrong formats for adaptive interfaces, extra latency on requests (including visible delays for interactions and chat), errors with live user status / interactions / pay per minute billing.
    If you really want to try configuring CloudFlare for installation domain, on request VideoWhisper staff can configure Session Control requests to use the dedicated IP by HTTP instead of domain by HTTPS, but other issues with dynamic interactive site features can occur as mentioned above.
  • Can I use a 3rd party host?
    Only if it meets all the المتطلبات. Regular web hosts usually don’t meet the requirements and don’t have experience, configuration/network/servers designed for such setups. We don’t recommend using a provider that does not have experience with these streaming solutions as that often leads to long setup hassle and unreliable service.
  • How can I use the turnkey site solution if I already have a website?
    If your website is WordPress based, you can bring it to the compatible hosting (automated copy is available for cPanel accounts) and the solution can be added as WP plugins.
    If your website is not WP based, the new turnkey site solution can be deployed on a subdomain or different domain.
  • How fast is this delivered?
    License and regular turnkey hosting setup is usually delivered in a couple of days.
    Installation assistance can be provided after domain propagates to the compatible hosting plans or complete required installation details are provide, when hosting with a 3rd party.
    أسرع من أجل, faster you can have it setup.
  • How is this turnkey site solution delivered?
    After licensing and/or hosting setup, details are sent in a new ticket with notification to emails provided when ordering. Make sure you provide a functional email and alternate email. If notification does not come in estimated delivery time, you can submit a ticket from contact page with order details to make sure you are receiving the emails. Notification emails sometimes go to spam folders because they contain multiple links including IP based (for hosting).
    Delivery notification should not be confused with automated billing notification from billing site, that is sent right after order processing.
  • Does this videochat solution work on mobiles?
    نعم, solution implements HTML5 only interfaces both for performer and clients.
    – و HTML5 فيديوشات interface (موصى به) works in mobiles and uses WebRTC technology.
    Performers can also start session in simplified HTML5 Streaming mode using WebRTC technology.
    For sessions started by performer in Flash Video Chat mode, playback of live stream is available in mobile browsers as HTML5 Streaming with HLS or MPEG DASH, after transcoding based on recommended Wowza plans.
  • Is HTML5 WebRTC supported?
    نعم, solution implements WebRTC for streaming to/from media relay server. Performers can start session in HTML5 Videochat or simplified HTML5 Streaming mode to use WebRTC.
    This brings compatibility for HTML5 mobile browsers, to allow streaming directly from site without configuring stand alone encoder apps.
    A streaming server is used as a relay for scalability, reliability and cross protocol stream availability. Relay server also manages sessions and advanced interactions in real time.
  • Why not use P2P for WebRTC? Why does it use a relay streaming server?
    As standard متوافق مع WebRTC implementations utilize peering networks, لا يزال هناك يجب أن تكون عقده قريبة للمساعدة في توزيع التيار للمضيفين المحلية الأخرى. يطل عبر شبكة عالمية يمكن أن يكون صعباً بشكل لا يصدق.
    Broadcasters would need server grade connections to live stream to multiple users and using a regular home ADSL connection (يحتوي على أعلى تنزيل وتحميل أكبر) أسباب القضايا الحقيقية.
    بينما تقوم باختبار مع 2 أو عدد قليل من المستخدمين يعمل بشكل جيد في العروض والتجارب الصغيرة تحميل, غالباً ما تظهر حدود ويبرتك في وضع الإنتاج: عندما تشاهد العديد من المستخدمين نفس تيار عالية الدقة والاتصال بالمذيع العادية يصبح غير قابل للاستخدام.
    تبدأ كل الأمل سوف تصبح طلباتهم يتدفقون نجاحا كبيرا, مع آلاف المشاهدين مشاهدة. الجري المؤدي كامل الفيديو عالية الدقة في 6-8 ميغابت في الثانية مباشرة إلى 100 viewers in various world locations would require up to 600-800Mbps upload connection which is unlikely to achieve for a retail home connection. A streaming server in a well connected datacenter will do the job. Above average home ADSL connections have under 100Mbps upload allowing streaming such video to a maximum of 12 المستخدمين.
  • What about Flash support?
    This solution supports both new HTML5 technology and legacy advanced Flash applications: webmasters can enable and performers can initiate both types of sessions. System responsively shows clients the appropriate interface and using supported technology (Flash or HTML5 WebRTC / HLS / MPEG DASH depending on client device and browser).
    For a long time Flash was the only reliable way to implement certain features reliably like low latency webcam broadcast and interactions. Browser developers wanted to remove reliance on such external plugins since 2010 but technologies that could reliably implement these features took a very long time to get implemented. As alternative HTML5 technology becomes better, there are plans to discontinue Flash support in 2020. Our solutions are incorporating both new technologies like HTML5, متوافق مع WebRTC, HLS, WebSockets and provide support and bridges to reliable legacy Flash features, while supported by major browsers.
  • Why use WordPress framework?
    Many of most successful sites use WP framework: WordPress is the top platform of choice for top 10 000 مواقع due to its reliability, quality of code, ease of use, capacity for many users, ability to customize. For most startups it is best to use mature, open source code to achieve performance, security, reliability with cost effective investment.
    The turnkey videochat site solution is based on WordPress framework for managing users, محتوى, setting billing, plugins (secure tested high performance code chosen by top sites) and deploys as a standalone turnkey site solution.
    Why use WP framework and not custom scripts? This script benefits from power of WordPress, reliability, ease of use, plugins, themes, a large community of experienced developers and designers, high quality coding and security standards. Core code is continuously developed, tested and secured.
    Some developers could extract our videochat features from that WP plugin (provided with full PHP code) or simplified plain php edition and integrate with custom scripts or a different less popular framework. That can take a lot of time and investment and resulting code will probably be of lesser quality than tested, تأمين, reliable WP framework.
  • I have some other questions: Where can I find further clarifications?
    Submit a ticket with your questions and VideoWhisper technical support will assist as soon as possible.