Most big projects require a framework or CMS for professional software. A good framework and clear coding standards result in efficient, reliable and secure code.

  • WordPress is the top platform of choice for 熱門網站: About 1/3 of most successful 10k sites online use WordPress.
  • Reliablesecure: WordPress is an open source platform with clear security standards. Code is tested on many sites and evaluated by developer community. Plugins and updates are distributed efficiently trough WP repository. Easily add security plugins like WordFence site firewall and scanner, registration email verification, SSL redirection, reCaptcha v3.
  • Easy 升遷: search engine friendly URLs, plugins for generating sitemaps, newsletters, integrating social media and most popular services.
  • Wide selection of 外掛程式: free and commercial plugins are available to expand functionality. Most site services provide WP plugins for easy integration.
  • Wide selection of 主題: free and commercial themes to quickly skin website.
  • Large community of experienced developers and designers
  • Fast and cost effective customizations: Pick a theme, plugins for features you need, easily setup content pages and menus.

WordPress 包含多個高級外掛程式, 在數百萬個網站上進行測試和使用. Most plugins are free and many provide option to also add premium functionality. Review plugins for security & 可靠性, 會員 & vendors, billing & 小額支付, turnkey site features (online store, forum, social network, LMS).

Security & Reliability Plugins

  • 字芬斯: site firewall and scanner (通過限制失敗的登錄嘗試來保護配置, 機器人攻擊 / 洪水請求, 掃描惡意軟體或漏洞).
  • To prevent spam registrations use a captcha plugin (獲得 key from google) 和 使用者驗證外掛程式 to automatically verify users by email confirmation. Also setup a special email account and a SMTP plugin to make sure users receive verification emails.
  • 像SMTP郵寄外掛程式一樣 輕鬆 WP SMTP 並設置一個真正的電子郵件帳戶從您的託管後端 (setup an email from CPanel) 或外部 (Gmail 或其他供應商), 使用 SSL 和所有驗證發送電子郵件. 這應該會減少使用者因垃圾郵件過濾器觸發而找不到註冊電子郵件的事件.
  • 上流加: Automated WordPress backup plugin. Free for local storage. For production sites external backups are recommended (premium). Great to have restore points in case of failed tweaks, hacks, data loss.
  • HTTPS 重定向外掛程式一樣 真正簡單的 SSL , 如果您有 SSL 證書和 HTTPS 設定 (如視頻惠斯珀計劃). 需要 HTTPS 來廣播網路攝像頭, 在最新的瀏覽器,如Chrome.
  • WP 超級緩存: cache (配置為不為已知使用者或 GET 參數快取, 非常適合防止機器人或爬行者消耗網站資源)
  • JetPack: site optimizations (性能, security, 監測, social media publishing).

Premium Membership Management Plugins

  • 伍商業會員: 設置付費會員資格作為產品. 使用訂閱外掛程式進行槓桿化允許會員訂閱.
  • 伍商業訂閱: 設置訂閱產品, 內容. 利用會員外掛程式設置會員訂閱集至少 1 會員通過購買會員資格獲得的付費角色.

Premium Vendor / Provider Plugins

Billing & Microtransaction Token Wallets

Solution is able to work with 2 credit wallet plugins: myCRED泰拉瓦萊特 (WooComerce gateways wallet / 木錢包).
These can be used to add support for multiple billing gateways including Paypal, Zombaio, Skrill, BitPay, 條紋, 廣場, CoinBase, Amazon, CCBill的, PayU. 欲了解更多詳情,請參閱 Billing Options section on Pay Per View features page.

用戶端可以預付學分 (權杖) that show in a site wallet and can be used anytime later in chat to pay for private shows per minute, send tips to performers access paid content. Tokens can be used for services from different performers and content from different owners, anytime after deposit.

Turnkey Feature Plugins

Complementary Integration Plugins

VideoWhisper developers and maintains complementary feature plugins, for easily integrating features that work well with this solution:


付費視頻 turnkey site solution is based on WP and multiple WP plugins.