付費視頻 外掛程式可以與。 woocommerce 電子商務 平臺及其附加元件。.
woocommerce 計費網關 can be used with TeraWallet for clients to buy tokens. Tokens can be used for PaidVideochat pay per minute, 付費問題, gifts/tips or to pay for WooCommerce products (其中 小額付款 付費內容).

There’s also extra functionality to leverage and integrate specific features.


客房產品。: 選擇 WooCommerce 產品在房間頁面上列出。.

客房產品。: 選擇 WooCommerce 產品在房間頁面上列出。.


客房產品。: 所選產品在房間配置檔中顯示。. 支援數位內容產品。: 視頻, pictures, 文檔下載。.

客房產品。: 所選產品在房間配置檔中顯示。. 支援數位內容產品。: 視頻, pictures, 文檔下載。.


微支付 WordPress 外掛程式。 是一個免費的外掛程式開發。 VideoWhisper 用於管理網站錢包和微交易。. 支援 WooCommerce 閘道與 TeraWallet 外掛程式。.

Enables various micro-transactions on a WordPress site, based on credits/tokens site wallets:

  • Paid Content, as WooCommerce products
    Setup paid digital content (職位, pages, 自定義帖子: 視頻, rooms, pictures, 檔案下載。) as WooCommerce products.
  • Custom Token Packages, as WooCommerce products
    Add custom token packages as WooCommerce products. When buying the product, user gets the custom amount of tokens. This enables custom exchange ratios, volume discounts, other offers.
  • Donations to Content Author
    捐獻, 捐贈目標, crowdfunding campaigns can be setup and show on each item page.
  • 作者訂閱
    Authors can setup subscriptions and content that can be accessed with these subscriptions.
  • Membership for Site Roles
    Unlimited membership packages, including subscriptions, for buying site roles with tokens.

WooCommerce 高級附加元件。

Some WooCommerce premium addons can bring more advanced features to specific projects:

  • WooCommerce 會員資格 設置將付費會員資格作為產品. 利用訂閱外掛程式允許會員訂閱.
    • sell a membership as stand-alone product — create a product for the membership, then tie the plan to that product to sell it
    • grant access to a membership as part of a product purchase — i.e., buy a subscription for a meal box, get access to the recipes section for free
    • grant access to the same membership from several products (i.e., a yearly purchase or a monthly subscription)
    • assign memberships manually for an invite-only members area
  • WooCommerce 訂閱 安裝訂閱產品, content. 利用成員資格外掛程式來設置成員資格訂閱至少 1 付費角色成員獲得通過購買會員資格.
    Create product-of-the-month clubs, weekly service subscriptions or even yearly software billing packages. Add sign-up fees, offer free trials, or set expiration periods.
  • 伍商務預訂 使用日曆設置預訂產品, 可用 性, 預訂存款, 確認 1 上 1 或團體預訂.
  • 伍商產品供應商 允許多個供應商通過您的網站進行銷售,作為回報,獲得銷售傭金. 杠杆作用 產品評論專業版.

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