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巴迪新聞 / BuddyBoss feed shows new rooms, 內容, when performers go live in a room.

巴迪新聞 / BuddyBoss feed shows new rooms, 內容, when performers go live in a room.

巴迪新聞 / BuddyBoss Integration

巴迪新聞 helps you build any kind of community website using WordPress, with member profiles, 活動流, 使用者組, 消息, 和更多.
巴迪博斯平臺 is a fork (tweaked version) of BuddyPress. A Pro version is availble with BuddyBoss Theme. Before installing BuddyBoss Platform, BuddyPress plugin needs to be removed if already installed.

PaidVideochat solution integrates BuddyPress for social features between providers/creators and clients/fans. Integrations include activity feed updates, group rooms, links from user list in chat to profile.

Activity Feed Updates

  • Performers create rooms
  • Performers go live in a room, with snapshot
  • Performers/Creators add new content
  • Clients/Fans subscribe to author content
  • Donations from content pages

Activity updates include a backend cooldown setting: Cooldown before new activity stream post for automated posts like going live.

Group Rooms

  • Each group has own room and administrators become performers (room moderators)
  • Setting to restrict group creation to performers: Enable only performers to create groups.

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