Pay Per View (PPV)

Pay per View capabilities include features to pay for video chat (per minute, per webcam room access, per certain features or access mode), pay for items (Video, Hình ảnh, online store), pay per question/message, pay for membership (that enables access to webcam rooms, Video, Hình ảnh) and other paid content/service options.

Làm thế nào để làm việc này?

Users can register on site as different roles (customizable): performers (provide the paid services/content), clients (want the performer items), studios (manage multiple performers).
Depending on site theme roles can be labeled as teacher/student, broadcaster/viewer, therapist/patient, tư vấn/khách hàng, artist/fan or other titles.

Plugin implements pages for specific functionality: live webcams, performer dashboard, studio dashboard, webcam page with videochat room.

Performers can start live webcam rooms and clients can see list of live webcams with snapshots on an site page. Performers can also checkin other performers when starting a session (if multi performer group session is paid, payment is split to all performers checked in).

Private Show PPM (Pay Per Minute): Client goes to selected performer’s room (public chat with live perfo
rmer video) and requests a private show with the dedicated, simple to use Show button.
If performer accepts, performer hides from public chat and goes with client to private chat for a paid private show. Client gets charged per minute after a configured grace period. Cost per minute is configured globally by admin and performer can configure own custom CPM (if enabled from settings).
Performer can also reject requests or toggle his status to reject all requests automatically or hide, depending on videochat interface.

Group PPM (Pay Per Minute): Performer can also start room in paid room mode. All users that enter get charged per minute after a grace time. Group cost per minute can be seen in listings and in room when accessing.
Admins can define multiple custom room modes (ex: miễn phí, trả tiền, special) with different cost per minute and enable special user modes (2 Way mode, Voyeur mode).

Clients fund their site wallet with tokens/credits by purchasing with real money and spend on site for pay per minute, lời khuyên. Performers get commissions (a configurable ratio of amount spent by clients) into their site wallets.

HTML5 Videochat Interface
Chat Modes
Multiple Performer Shows

Phải trả cho mỗi phút Videochat: Group, Private, Voyeur, 2 Way

Solution allows performers to broadcast group or private live trả tiền cho mỗi lần xem (PPV) shows incorporating video, audio, and chat.

Private shows can be started on request in room and are 2 way. The trả tiền mỗi phút (PPM) rate for private shows can be configured on a per host basis between limits set by administrator (minimum and maximum cost per minute). Administrator can also disable this feature and configure a default chi phí mỗi phút (CPM) for all private shows.

Administrator can also set custom CPM for each performer by quick editing webcams from backend.

Solution also allows configuring a grace time, meaning a number of warmup seconds provided for free before paid show starts.

For group paid modes, administrators configure different room modes with custom cost per minute. When going live, performer can select desired mode (and cost per minute) for options list. Admins can also configure special user modes (2 Way mode, Voyeur mode) with custom cost per minute in group mode. 2 Way is available on certain interfaces where a limited number of users can also start webcam for performer to see them. Voyeur mode is for clients to watch live video secretly, without participating in chat room.
During group and private videochat, clients can also send tips (Quà tặng) to room performer.

There are multiple billing options and settings, paid items.

Screenshot Tour

Custom role registration: performers, clients and studios (tùy chọn).

Custom role registration: performers, clients and studios (tùy chọn).

Performer goes online. HTML5 Videochat application can load in full page mode with advanced interface: tán gẫu, camera, user list, room options.

Performer goes online. HTML5 Videochat application can load in full page mode with advanced interface: tán gẫu, camera, user list, room options.

Webcam models list: AJAX listing with live webcam previews, filters, search, reviews, sorting.

Webcam models list: AJAX listing with live webcam previews, filters, search, reviews, sorting.

Client view: Users can also quickly move to a different performer room (random videochat) with Next button

Client view: Users can also quickly move to a different performer room (random videochat) with Next button

Client can request a pay per minute private 2 way video call to provider. Performer can accept or decline and remain in public group chat.

Client can request a pay per minute private 2 way video call to provider. Performer can accept or decline and remain in public group chat.

HTML5 private 2 way webcam video call. Pay per minute.

HTML5 private 2 way webcam video call. Pay per minute.

Thanh toán (Thẻ/tín chỉ)

Khách hàng có thể trả trước các khoản tín dụng (thẻ) Hiển thị trong một ví trang web và có thể được sử dụng bất cứ lúc nào sau này trong trò chuyện để trả tiền cho private shows per minute, send tips to performers hoặc access paid content. Tokens can be used for services from different performers and content from different owners, anytime after deposit.

Payments (real money) đi vào tài khoản được cấu hình bởi chủ sở hữu trang web, thiết lập với cổng thanh toán (like Paypal, Zombaio).

Giải pháp có thể làm việc với 2 tín dụng ví Plugins: myCREDTeraWallet (WooComerce cổng ví / WooWallet).

Bất kỳ hoặc cả hai có thể được sử dụng, Khi cần thiết. Trong chế độ nhiều ví, an active wallet can be chosen for videochat activities and tokens can be transferred manually or automatically to that wallet.

Clients spend credits (thẻ) in pay per minute private shows or by sending tips to performers or to buy various items.
Performers receive amounts of credits in their site wallet depending on backend settings (can receive 100% or lower commissions).

Pay per Minute, Room, Thành viên, Video, Picture

Users can spend credits (thẻ) in multiple ways:

  • trả cho mỗi phút riêng tư shows (on client request in room)
  • pay per minute group sessions (initiated by performer and clients join)
  • lời khuyên to performers (anytime by clients in room)
  • access to trả tiền site nội dung (webcam rooms, videos configurable with myCred Sell Content addon and Thành viên trả tiền và nội dung plugin)
  • phí bảo hiểm thành viên (membership roles that can be subscribed with Thành viên trả tiền và nội dung plugin). Content can be restricted to certain membership: webcam rooms, Video, Hình ảnh, pages (that could list the membership content).
  • online store items (WooCommerce, MarketPress, WP E-Commerce, Events Manager integrated with myCred Gateway addon)
  • transfers to other users (if enabled with myCred Transfer addon)
  • withdraw (especially performers) with the premium TeraWallet (WooWallet) Withdrawal addon (developed by TeraWallet providers) per their Withdrawal documentation (Paypal, Sọc, Bank).

MyCred and WooWallet are 3rd party billing plugins that have own providers, developers, premium extensions and support and can be used as necessary.

Payouts / Withdrawals

Webmaster can see balance for all users and adjust as necessary (in example when making payouts to performers manually with a method of choice).
Webmaster can define administrative records, fields to request details from performers including payout method. These administrative records show when approving users and reviewing records is accessible from users list, same as adjusting balance with myCred or WooWallet.
There is a premium plugin for TeraWallet (WooWallet) Withdrawal (developed by TeraWallet providers) that can be used on some projects per their Withdrawal documentation to withdraw with Paypal, Sọc, Bank.

After licensing original solution our developers can also implement custom tools for payouts, depending on requirements or implementation of different credit management and purchase plugin.

Pay Per View Settings

These PPV settings can be configured:

  • Grace Time
    Private video chat is charged per minute after this time. Different values can be configured for private and group paid sessions.
  • Pay Per Minute Cost for Client
    Paid by client in private video chat.
  • Minimum Pay Per Minute Cost for Client
    Minimum cost per minute configurable by performer (if permitted).
  • Maximum Pay Per Minute Cost for Client
    Maximum cost per minute configurable by performer (if permitted).
  • Performer Earning Ratio
    Performer receives this ratio from client charge.
  • Minimum Balance
    Only clients that have a minimum balance can request private shows.
  • Pay Per Minute Cost for Performer
    Performers can also be charged for the private video chat time.
  • Bill After
    Closed sessions are billed after a minimum time, required for both client computers to update usage time. There’s one transaction for entire private session, not for each minute or second.
  • Close Sessions
    After some time, close sessions terminated abruptly and delete sessions where users did not enter both, due to client error. After closing sessions, billing can occur for valid closed sessions.
  • Keep Logs
    Time to keep session logs.

MyCred Billing Gateways

MyCred includes support for these buyCRED cổng thanh toán:

  • PayPal – account or credit card
  • Skrill (Moneybookers) – credit card
  • NETbilling – credit card, người lớn
  • Zombaio – credit card, người lớn
  • BitPay – bitcoins
  • Bank Transferbank account

Additional payment modules are available as extra payment gateways:

  • 2CO Checkoutcredit card
  • ComproPago – in Mexico
  • CoinBase – cryptocurrencies
  • CoinPayments – cryptocurrencies
  • PayFast – in South Africa
  • Paymentwallvirtual currency
  • Pay.nlin Netherlands
  • Payza – account, credit card, cryptocurrencies
  • Robokassa – in Russia
  • Sọc – buy & subscribe credit card
  • Martin – credit card
  • ZarinPanin Iran

WooCommerce (TeraWallet) Gateways

TeraWallet (WooWallet) supports WooCommerce payment methods with free and premium payment extensions:

  • PayPal (Standard, Checkout)
  • Sọc (CC, Apple Pay, Google trả tiền, SEPA, Bancontact, Sofort, Giropay, EPS, iDeal, Przelewy24, Alipay, Multibanco)
  • Square (CC U.S, Canada, Australia, Nhật bản và Vương Quốc Anh)
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayFast
  • Venmo
  • Authorize.Net (người lớn)
  • CCBill (người lớn, 3rd party)
  • eWay (SG, MY, HK, AU, NZ)
  • Klarna (now, later, slice)
  • SagePay (UK)
  • WorldPay
  • PayPal Pro, Nâng cao (Payflow)
  • Elavon
  • Moneris
  • FirstData
  • Payson
  • Pin Payments AU
  • 2 Checkout
  • SnapScan SA
  • Alipay CN
  • PayU TK

Adult Content & High Risk Billing Processing

Category of billing required depends on each site’s content and policies. This solution can be used for projects in all categories as it provides features, not content.
Payment processing card associations define some online business types and industries as risky. Main reasons can refer to merchants’ ratio (both real and anticipated) of chargebacks, merchandise returns or your payment processing history. Types of content that may be considered high risk: adult content, dating, online gaming, prepaid phone cards, money transfer, forex, crypto exchange, travel, nutraceuticals, health and wellness products.

Adult and other high risk related sites should also support cryptocurrency gateways for clients that want more privacy. Options can include most used cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, bitcoin cash, litecoin, binance coin, eos, monero, stellar, tron, cardano, dash, neo, iota. These payments can be handled with 3rd party automated processors or manually by setting up wallets for P2P transfers.

Thành viên trả tiền

As permissions for access are role based, PaidVideoChat can use any WP membership plugin to setup paid membership.

With the Paid Membership plugin, site visitors register as free users, buy tokens that add to their virtual wallet and use these to upgrade membership, send tips, request pay per minute private shows, access paid content.

Sites that use WooCommerce can add these premium membership plugins:

  • Thành viên WooCommerce Thiết lập tư cách thành viên trả phí dưới dạng sản phẩm. Tận dụng plugin đăng ký cho phép đăng ký thành viên.
  • Đăng ký WooCommerce Thiết lập sản phẩm đăng ký, nội dung. Tận dụng plugin Thành viên để thiết lập đăng ký thành viênThiết lập ít nhất 1 vai trò trả phí mà các thành viên nhận được bằng cách mua tư cách thành viên.