Nhiều mô hình hiển thị

Multiple performers can don a joint session in a webcam room. This is usually done when a performer invites another performer (guest performer) at their physical location and starts streaming. But host can also use virtual presence tools like picture and picture, audio calls (usually on e-learning/tutoring sites) to include other people in own stream. Streaming is done by host performer in own room and earnings are shared with all checked in performers.

  • Khi thiết lập các bảng liệt kê webcam, studios and individual models can fill a list of performers that can use each room
  • when going live, performer can also check in other performers (từ danh sách có hộp kiểm tra hoặc theo tên) that are present during the session
  • earnings are divided equally between all performers checked into session (Khi 2 kiểm tra trong các mô hình, mỗi người được 1/2)
  • live webcams list includes performers currently present in each room