📦 Yearly Turnkey Bundles

Yearly HTML5 Videochat License Rental + Complete Hosting subscriptions with prepayment discount:

Plan Monthly Bundle Price 1 Year Paid Monthly Save Extra Yearly Total Yearly Savings Cena miesięczna
Paid Yearly
Cena roczna Order Yearly
Starter $99
$388 $460 $67-
$800 Order Now
Professional $139
$468 $660 $100
$1200 Order Now
Expert $185
$570 $810 $138-
$1650 Order Now
Master $230
$660 $960 $175
$2100 Order Now

Zobacz monthly plans for more details on each plan.

🏷 Coupons

Dodatkowy 5% discount on first charge, applicable to most items, in addition to bundle and volume discounts:


🎁 Offers add up:
1) discount bundle instead of license and hosting separately
2) plan for yearly instead of monthly for extra saving
3) coupon for extra saving, applicable for first charge (entire year)

All subscriptions are commitment free, meaning you can cancel anytime before next renewal to get a different offer next year.

Details and Terms
  • All plans include free installation. Installation of all features on complete plans requires pointing a domain/subdomain to the compatible hosting account.
    Konfiguracja na innym hoście za pomocą zdalne przesyłanie strumieniowe involves feature limitations and is possible only with specific web host requirements like FFmpeg (usually not available on regular web hosts).

  • Jeśli nie masz domeny registered for this project, jeszcze, you can register a new domain for your project (wolna whois prywatności). Dla dodatkowego rabatu, użyj kuponu: videowhisper
  • Istniejących WordPress sites can be moved to these turnkey plans before installing solution. Include WP admin credentials if you want the solution added to existing setup.
  • Please allow around a couple of dni roboczych (średnio) do konfiguracji, po zleceniu zamówienia. Depending on exact time of ordering, dni wolne od pracy, może to potrwać kilka dni.
    Szybsze zamawianie, szybciej otrzymujesz konfigurację.
  • Włączony Instalacja means our staff will install WP, Wtyczki, konfigurowanie przesyłania strumieniowego, add menus and pages to be able to access features as in our demos, test to make sure it works and send you links to: dostęp do głównych sekcji, configure settings specific to your business (logo, rozliczenia) and review suggestions to improve setup / dostosuj dalej.
  • Szczegóły i Warunki for services in combos are available on their pages, including resource allocation for hosting plans. Monthly plans are renewed each month, do momentu anulowania.
  • Plan subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from billing site where order was placed. Anulowania zatrzymuje automatyczne odnawianie.
    Ordering and managing billing details / subscriptions / invoices is web based and automated (does not involve support), on billing site per BlueSnap billing Terms and Conditions.
    To manage BlueSnap billing, you can retrieve credentials from their site (use order number and order email to get account details), for each order.
    Live demos and downloads are available for evaluation prior to ordering your own setup. These services and hosting resources are not returnable due to their nature.
  • Plany można Uaktualniony to higher plans if more hosting resources are required for increased speed, reliability and user capacity. Resources are allocated after upgrade. Skalowanie wielu serwerów options can be implemented for extra, depending on project requirements.
  • Rabaty are available for bundles with higher hosting (wybierz powyżej) i płacenie za dłuższy okres (1 rok lub więcej). After setting up and building project on entry monthly plans, depending on your volume estimates and available budget, skontaktuj się z nami and specify hosting plan you need and duration, dla oferty niestandardowej.
  • Wsparcie: Although VideoWhisper provides turnkey packages with software, complete hosting with manage streaming servers, Instalacja, each business owner is running your own site / platformy.
    Site administration can include registering/managing/configuring accounts with payment/billing sites, setting up specific pages for terms depending on client jurisdiction, approving users, customizing settings for different options than defaults or configuring 3rd party themes/plugins/services.
    Wiąże się to z pewnym czasem, patience, technical abilities for website management or willingness to learn. Dodatkowy personel obiektu (webmaster/konsultant) can be used to run and manage own site, depending on volume and feature complexity.
    VideoWhisper staff can assist with configuring/troubleshooting own plugins, suggesting 3rd party plugins or evaluating custom development for specific requirements, clarifications and research for documentation links related to other plugins/services provided by 3rd parties for using in combination with solution, Na warunki pomocy technicznej.
  • Services and solutions are available under terms mentioned on their sites. Ordering or using these sites and services is an agreement of these terms available in written, w tym: Terms of Use, Polityka prywatności, Disclaimer, End User License Agreement, Support Terms, BlueSnap Billing Terms and Conditions.