워드 프레스 이유?

Most big projects require a framework or CMS for professional software. A good framework and clear coding standards result in efficient, reliable and secure code.

  • WordPress is the top platform of choice for top sites: About 1/3 of most successful 10k sites online use WordPress.
  • Reliablesecure: WordPress is an open source platform with clear security standards. Code is tested on many sites and evaluated by developer community. Plugins and updates are distributed efficiently trough WP repository. Easily add security plugins like WordFence site firewall and scanner, registration email verification, SSL redirection, reCaptcha v3.
  • Easy promotion: search engine friendly URLs, plugins for generating sitemaps, newsletters, integrating social media and most popular services.
  • Wide selection of 플러그인: free and commercial plugins are available to expand functionality. Most site services provide WP plugins for easy integration.
  • Wide selection of 테마: free and commercial themes to quickly skin website.
  • Large community of experienced developers and designers
  • Fast and cost effective customizations: Pick a theme, plugins for features you need, easily setup content pages and menus.

WordPress includes multiple advanced plugins, tested and used on millions of sites. Most plugins are free and many provide option to also add premium functionality. Review plugins for security & 신뢰성, 회원 & vendors, 결제 & micropayments, turnkey site features (online store, forum, social network, LMS).

보안 & Reliability Plugins

  • WordFence: site firewall and scanner (실패 한 로그인 시도 제한 하 여 보호 하기 위해 구성, bot attacks / flood request, scan for malware or vulnerabilities).
  • To prevent spam registrations use a captcha plugin (도착 key from google) 및 user verification plugin to automatically verify users by email confirmation. Also setup a special email account and a SMTP plugin to make sure users receive verification emails.
  • A SMTP mailing plugin like 간편한 WP SMTP and setup a real email account from your hosting backend (setup an email from CPanel) or external (Gmail or other provider), to send emails using SSL and all verifications. 이 사건 사용자가 스팸 메일 필터 트리거링 인해 등록 이메일을 찾지 못하면 감소 한다.
  • 상승 기류 플러스: 자동화 된 워드 프레스 백업 플러그인. Free for local storage. 생산에 대 한 사이트 외부 백업은 권장 (프리미엄). Great to have restore points in case of failed tweaks, hacks, data loss.
  • HTTPS redirection plugin like 정말 간단한 SSL , if you have a SSL certificate and HTTPS configured (as on VideoWhisper plans). HTTPS is required to broadcast webcam, in latest browsers like Chrome.
  • WP 슈퍼 캐시: 캐시 (또는 매개 변수를 얻이 알려진된 사용자에 대 한 캐시 구성, 로봇 또는 크롤러가 사이트 리소스를 먹는 대 한 보호에 대 한 좋은)
  • JetPack: site optimizations (performance, security, monitoring, social media publishing).

Premium Membership Management Plugins

  • WooCommerce 회원: 유료 회원으로 제품 설치. 활용 구독 플러그인을 사용 하면 회원 가입.
  • WooCommerce 구독: 설치 등록 제품, 콘텐츠. 회원 이상 회원 subscriptionsSetup를 설치 플러그인을 활용 하 여 1 회원이 회원을 구입 하 여 얻을 유료 역할.

Premium Vendor / Provider Plugins

결제 & Microtransaction Token Wallets

Solution is able to work with 2 credit wallet plugins: myCREDTeraWallet (WooComerce gateways wallet / WooWallet).
These can be used to add support for multiple billing gateways including Paypal, Zombaio, Skrill, BitPay, 줄무늬, Square, CoinBase, Amazon, CCBill, PayU. 자세한 내용은 Billing Options section on Pay Per View features 페이지.

클라이언트는 신용 선불 수 있습니다. (토큰) that show in a site wallet and can be used anytime later in chat to pay for private shows per minute, send tips to performers 또는 access paid content. Tokens can be used for services from different performers and content from different owners, anytime after deposit.

Turnkey Feature Plugins

Complementary Integration Plugins

VideoWhisper developers and maintains complementary feature plugins, for easily integrating features that work well with this solution:


The 유료 비디오 챗 turnkey site solution is based on WP and multiple WP plugins.