백엔드 기능

This pages contains an overview of backend features, settings tabs, shortcodes, 필터 & cookies.

솔루션은 WordPress 프레임 워크를 기반으로, WP 백엔드 메뉴 관리 기능을 제공 합니다., 사이트 페이지, 테마 그리고 extra plugin 설치 및 설정, 콘텐츠 카테고리 및 태그.

솔루션 사용자 지정

참고: Screenshots, features may be outdated as solutions is being continuously improved. To see latest options and settings you can just install latest PaidVideochat plugin in a WordPress setup and review backend. Although live streaming and features are not available without proper hosting, backend sections can be review on a regular web host.

솔루션 WP 백엔드 특정 설정 및 기능을 관리 하기 위한 특별 한 메뉴 및 페이지 구현:

플러그인 설정 및 기능

Backend includes:
a setup tutorial with setup overview links / 추가 문서 링크 / 단축 및 패러메터
a setup wizard that detects configuration steps and guides trough setu
extensive settings section organized in tabs with specific documentation
backend feature pages

여러 기능 백엔드 등을 추가 하는 플러그인:

  • 설정 – configuration settings and options, including for integration with other plugins
  • 사용자 승인 – review user administrative details and approve
  • RTMP 관리자 – review live sessions connected to RTMP server
  • 세션 로그 – review public and private videochat session and multiple parameters, useful to review in detail free an paid chat sessions
  • 세션 스트리밍 – logs and information like hosting limits provided by Session Control feature (included with VideoWhisper hosting)
  • 설명서 – documentation links, 자습서, shortcodes, installation overview with links to main features and customization documents

Available plugin settings and options are documented in plugin backend and organized in multiple sections:

  • 스트리밍 서버, WebRTC, FFMPEG / HLS – setting tabs to configure web and streaming server settings
  • HTML5 비디오 채팅 – configure videochat application
  • 페이지 – setup and configure pages for main solution features
  • 사용자 지정 – settings and documentation/links to customize site specifics like room and role names for project
  • 통합 – integration settings for application, solution with WP framework
  • 모양을 – edit appearance, logos, interface classes
  • 목록 – configuration for room listings, 템플릿, CSS
  • 채팅 모드 – setup group videochat modes (무료, 지급, 보관, 스냅 샷, 2 방법, voyeur)
  • 랜덤 채팅 – settings for random chat (roulette) and Next button
  • 출연자 – configuration for performer role & 기능
  • 계정 기록 – configure administrative fields required for profile approval
  • 기능 – toggle features for specific roles / 회원
  • 윤곽 – configure room profile fields to show on listing pages
  • 클라이언트 – configuration for client role & 기능
  • 스튜디오 – configuration for studio role & 기능
  • 프레 젠 테이 션 – setup presentation mode for collaboration, e-학습, presentation features (slideshow, 주석, 파일 공유)
  • 분 당 지불 – configure pay per minute settings, 총 시간, 요금, ratios
  • 팁 / 선물 – configure standard and custom tips
  • 결제 – configure billing plugin MyCred integration, 게이트웨이, 옵션
  • 비디오 사진 리뷰 – configure integration for Video Share VOD, 사진 갤러리, 속도 별 검토
  • 스케줄러 – playlist scheduler, for older rtmp streams
  • BuddyPress – configure integration with BuddyPress features like groups
  • 번역하기 – tools to translate plugin and interface
  • 설정 가져오기 – quickly import and export settings (permits importing all streaming settings in bulk as provided by VideoWhisper hosting)
  • 리셋 – reset to default settings
  • 요구 사항 & 문제 해결 – review/detect server capabilities required for solution features and troubleshooting logs
  • 지원 – links to get support, suggested plugins, documentation
  • 설치 – wizard with logical steps and detection for configuring solution

웹캠 목록

From Webcams list, administrators can review webcams, adjust specific settings like cost per minute, 수익 비율 (how much performer earns), featured listings.

Users List

From users list, 관리자는 사용자 관리 레코드를 검토할 수 있습니다., 사용자 승인/해제, 거래를 검토 및 균형 조정.


[videowhisper_webcams perPage=”6″ perrow=”0″ pstatus=”” order_by= “기본” category_id=”” select_status=”1″ select_order=”1″ select_category=”1″ select_page=”1″ select_tags=”1″ select_name=”1″ include_css=”1″ url_vars=”1″ url_vars_fixed=”1″ studioID=””]

Lists and updates webcams using AJAX. Allows filtering and toggling filter controls.
/ order_by: edate = last time online / default = features then online / post_date = registration / viewers = currently in room / maxViewers = maximum viewers ever / rand = Random order
pstatus: “” = all performers (기본) / online = online (in public or private chat) / public = in public chat (online and not in private) / private = in private shows / offline = currently offline
select_ .. : 0/1 (enables interface to select that control)
perPage : number of listings to show per page (if select_page=”0″ that’s maximum that will show)
studioID = filter based on studio account ID


Instantly setup and access own webcam room.


Random videochat room as configured in backend.

[videowhisper_campreview status=”온라인” order_by=rand” 카테고리 =”” perPage=”1″ perRow=”2″ 폭 =”480픽셀” 높이 =”360픽셀”]

Show webcam previews (비디오).

[videowhisper_videochat room=Room Namewebcam_id=post id”]

Shows videochat application. Automatically detects room if shown on webcam post. Room name is listed in Performer Dashboard Overview. Can also use post ID as webcam_id.

[videowhisper_webcams_performer include_css=”1″]

Shows performer dashboard with balance, webcam listing management, tabs.

[videowhisper_webcams_studio include_css=”1″]

Shows studio dashboard.


Shows account status and allows updating administrative records for current user. Administrative records refers to custom fields defined by administrators that users can fill. These are only accessible by adminstrators and can be used for identity verification, collecting payout info.

[videowhisper_camcontent cam=Room Namepost_id=”0″]

Shows webcam content (tabs). Webcam listing name or post_id must be provided.

[videowhisper_camprofile cam=Room Namepost_id=”0″]

Shows webcam listing profile (fields). Webcam listing name or post_id must be provided.

[videowhisper_caminfo cam=Room Nameinfo=cpmformat=csv”]

Shows info about a cam.
info: cpm = cost per minute for private show / online = last time online / brief = brief info / tags = room tags / performers = checked in performers (links) / groupMode = group mode / groupCPM = group CPM
형식: csv = comma separated values / serialized = php serialized string

[videowhisper_camvideo cam = “룸 (웹캠) 이름” 폭 =”480픽셀” 높이 =”360픽셀” html5=autopost_id=””]

Shows plain video from a room.
html5 = auto/always

[videowhisper_cammpeg webcam=webcam name” 폭 =”480픽셀” 높이 =”360픽셀”]

Plain video as HTML5 MPEG Dash (if supported & 사용할 수 있는).

[videowhisper_camhls webcam=webcam name” 폭 =”480픽셀” 높이 =”360픽셀”]

Plain video as HTML5 HLS (if supported & 사용할 수 있는).

[videowhisper_htmlchat room=webcam name” 폭 =”480픽셀” 높이 =”360픽셀”]

HTML ajax based simplified chat with HTML5 video playback (if supported & 사용할 수 있는).

[videowhisper_cam_app room=webcam namewebcam_id=post id”]

HTML5 Videochat app interface for webcam room.


Filters allow adding content to plugin sections.

apply_filters(“vw_plw_dashboard”, ”, $postID)

Under performer dashboard.

apply_filters(“vw_plw_videochat”, ”, $postID)

Under videochat app.


These cookies can be registered in a cookie manager / GDPR plugin:


Required for persistence of visitor usernames in html chat and app.


참고: Latest version may include more shortcodes and options. Current chortcodes are documented in plugin backend documentation.

Backend Demo / 검토

If you want to review backend features for latest version, including plugin settings tabs, you can install and activate the plugin on your own WordPress installation. Without streaming hosting the software will not work but you will be able to access backend configuration pages, to review in detail.