Solution can be used in multiple chat modes for referring to interactions, 機能, interface.

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Custom Room Modes: Group Videochat Modes

Performer selects room mode when going live.
Administrators can define custom group modes (unlimited number) with different settings from backend, depending on site theme.
Sample group modes : Free/Paid/Platinum, Evaluation/Consultation または Free/Topless/Nude on adult related sites.
For each mode can configure various settings like cost per minute (0 for free modes), special modes, automated periodic webcam snapshots, archiving webcam stream and automated publishing of archived streams as videos.

Group mode is selected by performer. Performer selects mode when going live (before starting session).

Group PPV: Performer can also start room in paid group mode. All users that enter get charged per minute after a grace time. Group cost per minute can be seen in listings and in room when accessing. Admins can define multiple custom group modes (から: 無料で, 支払われました, 特別) with different cost per minute and special user modes.
If enabled by admins, performers can define their own custom group pay per minute rate.

Special User Modes

These are selected by user/participant when accessing and existing room. When accessing rooms from webcam listings users can select special modes, that usually involve additional fees:

2 Way Mode: If enabled, a limited number of users can start their webcams during group chat (for easier communication with performer). Only performer can see their stream and they have to pay extra for this privilege. Publishing webcams involves extra server streaming load.
設定する 2 way slots cost per minute for users in 2 way mode as “2道” when defining group modes.
If enabled by admins, performers can define 2way slots for their room.

Voyeur Mode: If enabled, users can watch performers without participating in chat. Also their username during live session is obfuscated. Performer does not know at live name of user who is watching as voyeur, but voyeur username shows in transactions section, after session. Great for clients that want to participate in public sessions but don’t want to interact.
Admins can configure cost per minute for users watching as voyeur. Voyeur modes can also be enabled for private shows (so performers pay to see performer private show).

Random Videochat with Next Button

A random client-performer matchmaking system, similar to roulette themed videochat sites, is available in PaidVideochat solution to quickly move between performer rooms.

Random Viedeochat is available with a 次へボタン HTML5 ビデオ チャット アプリのインターフェイスで.

Enables clients to quickly move to a different performer room (チャットのインターフェイスを離れることがなく).
オンライン最近活動中の部屋から隣の部屋を選択します。, 部屋を選ぶことによってユーザーが入力されていないか、最長時間を入力前 (回転用).

The Next button can be used to navigate to available free or paid rooms depending on settings. プライベート ショーの実行者の部屋に移動することはありません。. 訪問者は常に無料の部屋を得る (有料番組のバランスを持っていないので).

ユーザーが有料の部屋を入力するとき, ウェルカム メッセージ グループ分と猶予時間単価を含む詳細が含まれます. また特別室のアイコン表示は、モードを支払われる.
有料の部屋に行くと (設定から有効になっている場合), 猶予時間があると、ユーザーがすぐに充電されていません。 (構成可能です). 隣の部屋や猶予時間が終了する前に終了のチャットに移動する場合, 料金は発生しません. また有料のルーム ウェルカム メッセージが支払いを示す特殊なアイコン.

バックエンドの設定が含まれますのみ無料/有料またはオンラインの部屋から隣の部屋を選択します。. クライアントは、このランダムに出会いルーレット機能がすぐに別の演奏者を参照するとの運を試すことができます。, チャットを離れることがなく.

Presentation / Collaboration Mode

Some projects (tutoring, e ラーニング, 協議) may require presentation or collaboration features, like exchanging files.

Site can be configured globally to start rooms in presentation/collaboration mode and performers can be allowed to set their room in regular or presentation mode. Presentation mode is available for Advanced PC interface (Flash plugin based for PC browsers) and also enables collaboration mode in HTML5 Videochat interface.

HTML5 ビデオチャット: Collaboration

HTML5 Collaboration: File sharing, display, ライブストリーミング, ビデオチャット, conference.

HTML5 Collaboration: File sharing, display, ライブストリーミング, ビデオチャット, conference.

HTML5 ビデオチャット application enables a Files tab for users to upload and open file.
Registered users can upload, performer can also delete files.
Multiple files can be uploaded at same time with HTML5 drag and drop or selection.

A Tabs section enables multiple tabs like Chat, Camera, Users, Files, Presentation, Options to use same space. Also performer can see live stream from server, as rest of users for exact performance and quality preview.

Options enable performer to configure split view live (すなわち. 2, 4, 6 slots) where to show users (for video conferencing) or media content (images, ビデオ) for presentation.

Flash Video Chat Messenger: Presentation

Advanced PC アプリケーション (ビデオメッセンジャー) can be used in presentation mode (a special application mode).
Can be enabled by administrator globally depending on site theme (for collaboration, e ラーニング, presentation projects) or by each performer for own rooms, if feature is allowed by admins.

This involves a presentation screen and multiple new features like file sharing, slideshows, annotations, 記録, whiteboard.
Performer can select what to show on presentation screen (own or other participant camera, slides with annotations).
Can also open additional video panels to show own or other cameras in addition to presentation screen.

Presentation mode can be used for e-learning classes, 相談, seminars, collaboration sessions, プレゼンテーション.




Interfaces, モバイル サポート

Solution supports 3 types of interfaces (web streaming applications) that can be selected by performer when starting a session (as enabled/configured by admin):

  • HTML5 ビデオチャット: 1 way group streaming, 2 way private show requests, ヒント, random videochat next button, WebRTC streaming (default interface)
  • ビデオメッセンジャー – Advanced PC interface (Flash app): 1/2 way group streaming, 2 way private show requests, ヒント, presentation/consultation mode, RTMP ストリーミング
  • HTML5 のストリーミング ライブします。: 1 way group streaming, ヒント, WebRTC & HLS/MPEG streaming (transcoded broadcasts from Flash/RTMP)

These interfaces have different design, capabilities and implement main features with some differences. Turnkey combos on order page include full mode for all interfaces (full mode licensing for all applications).

HTML5 ビデオチャット

HTML5 Videochat app is most recent interface, built to provide advanced interactions using HTML5, without Flash plugin, which makes it compatible with most browsers including iOS Safari, Android Chrome.

  • 1 way group streaming, in public lobby
  • 2 way videochat, in private shows
  • live wallet balance display
  • tips with multiple customizable options, gift images
  • WebRTC relayed streaming (reliable and scalable to many clients from streaming server, independent of broadcaster upload connection)
  • グループ / private paid videochat
  • random videochat with Next button to move to different performer room
  • fullscreen interface or video only
  • collaboration mode
  • adaptive target video bitrate (depending on cam resolution) and broadcasting stats
  • ダークモード / lights on each user can toggle live at runtime

Using the HTML5 videochat interface is highly recommended as main browsers have plans to discontinue Flash support in 2020.

HTML5 Videochat interface requires a level 4 VideoWhisper web app license, to enable full mode without ads and limitations, for commercial use. A lower license can be upgraded for price difference. The level 4 license includes full mode for all lower level app interfaces.




Video Chat MessengerAdvanced PC (Flash)

Video Messenger is the VideoWhisper web app thats most advanced interface using Flash plugin (on PC).
For a long time Flash was the only reliable way to implement certain features reliably like low latency webcam broadcast and interactions. Browser developers wanted to remove reliance on such external plugins since 2010 but technologies that could reliably implement these features took a very long time to get implemented. HTML5 の代替技術がより良い, フラッシュを中止する計画はのサポートがあります 2020. VideoWhisper solutions are incorporating both new technologies like HTML5, WebRTC, HLS, WebSockets and provide support and bridges to reliable legacy Flash features, 主要なブラウザーでサポートされています.

  • パブリック (lobby) group chat with performer live video
  • プライベート 2 双方向のビデオチャット
  • プライベートショー要求, 複数の同時プライベートチャット
  • あなたはプレビューを入力すると、
  • user thumbnail, status in list, kick/ban
  • tips with sound notification and message
  • sound notifications on entry and private request
  • multiple cameras (angles) from performer
  • advanced presentation mode with file sharing, multiple cameras (from different users) as assigned by moderator

Video Messenger interface requires a level 3 VideoWhisper web app license, to enable full mode without ads and limitations, for commercial use. Purchased license can be upgraded for price difference.

HTML5 のストリーミング ライブします。

HTML5 Live Streaming interface is mainly for transcodedesd broadcasts done from legacy Flash interface or other RTMP sources. Streams from advanced interface mode are available for mobile users: HTML5 stream of performer webcam is delivered as HLS / DASH after transcoding.

HTML5 Live Streaming interface can also be started by performer, using WebRTC to broadcast/playback. HTML5 Live Streaming solution does not support interactions like requesting private pay per minute show.
HTML5 chat is available for devices that support inline streaming (some will show video stream in full screen so no other elements like chat are available in mobile browser).

Paid group chat is supported with the html chat but HTML5 Videochat App is recommended for better reliability and features.

  • 1 way group live streaming and chat
  • live wallet balance
  • custom tips

HTML5 Live Streaming interface requires a level 1 VideoWhisper web app license, to enable full mode without ads and limitations, for commercial use. Purchased license can be upgraded for price difference.


For advanced functionality including broadcasting mobile camera and live reliable secure interactions, custom mobile apps can also be developed.


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