Group Chat Modes

Solution can be used in multiple modes (predefined configurations) referring to group chat, users, application.

Administrators can define custom group modes with different settings from backend.
对于每个模式可以配置各种设置, 如成本每分钟 (0 对于自由模式), 特殊模式, 自动定期网络摄像头快照, 存档网络摄像头流和自动发布存档的流作为视频.

Group mode is selected by performer. 执行者在直播时选择模式 (before starting session).

组 PPV: 表演者也可以在带薪的组模式下启动房间. 输入的所有用户得到都收取每分钟后限期. 集团成本每分钟可以看到在上市和房间访问时. 管理员可以定义多个自定义组模式 (前: 免费, 支付, 特别) 每分钟不同的成本和特殊的用户模式.


These are selected by user/participant. 从摄像头列表访问房间时, 用户可以选择特殊模式, 通常涉及额外费用:

2 Way Mode: A limited number of users can start their webcams during group chat (与执行者交流更方便). 只有执行者可以看到他们的流, 他们必须支付额外的这个特权. 发布网络摄像头涉及额外的服务器流负载.
配置 2 用户每分钟的插槽成本 2 方式模式.

窥淫癖者模式: 用户无需参与聊天即可观看表演者. 并且他们的用户名在实时会话期间是模糊的. 表演者不知道在现场的用户名是谁是看着窥视, 但窥视用户名显示在事务部分, 会话后. 伟大的客户, 希望参加公共会议, 但不想互动.
管理员可以配置的成本每分钟的用户观看作为窥视. 还可以为私人放映启用窥视模式 (所以表演者花钱看表演家的私人表演).

Presentation Mode

Application can be used in presentation mode (a special application mode).
Can be enabled by administrator depending on site theme (for collaboration, e-learning, presentation projects).

This involves a presentation screen and multiple new features like file sharing, slideshows, annotations, 录音, whiteboard.
Performer can select what to show on presentation screen (own or other participant camera, slides with annotations).
Can also open additional video panels to show own or other cameras in addition to presentation screen.

Presentation mode can be used for e-learning classes, consultation, seminars, collaboration sessions, 演示文稿.

Mobile Support for Group Modes

由于移动浏览器的限制, solution implements specific features for mobile users because the web apps are not supported.
HTML5 stream of performer webcam is supported as HLS / DASH after transcoding.
A HTML chat can also be enabled for devices that support inline streaming (some will show video stream in full screen so no other elements like chat are available in mobile browser).
Paid group chat is supported with the html chat but not recommended because session control is based on JS (which can be disabled/altered client side).
HTML5 solution does not support interactions like requesting private pay per minute show, broadcasting own camera, 小贴士, system messages.

For advanced functionality including broadcasting mobile camera and live reliable secure interactions, 自定义移动应用程序 can be developed.