Πύλες πληρωμής χρέωσης

MicroPayments, Site Tokens/Credits and Billing

Clients can prepay credits (tokens) that show in a site wallet and can be used anytime later in chat to pay for private shows per minute, send tips to performers ή access paid content. Tokens can be used for services from different performers and content from different owners, anytime after deposit.

Business (site owner) uses an account on a supported billing site (like Paypal, CCBill, Stripe, Zombaio, 2Checkout, Square) to collect payments from clients.

Payments (real money) go into account(s) configured by site owner, setup on billing site(s) of choice. Website owner / business needs to have an account with one or more supported billing gateways, that will collect payments from clients. There’s multiple billing gateway options including for adult site payment processing.

Solution is able to work with 2 credit wallet plugins, each supporting multiple gateways: myCRED και TeraWallet (WooComerce gateways wallet / WooWallet).

Any or both can be used, as necessary. In multi wallet mode, an active wallet can be chosen for videochat activities and tokens can be transferred manually or automatically to that wallet.

Clients spend credits (tokens) in pay per minute private shows or by sending tips to performers or to buy various items.
Performers receive amounts of credits in their site wallet depending on backend settings (can receive 100% or lower commissions). As site receives the real payments when clients buy tokens, site can implement a payout procedure to pay each performer based on tokens accumulated from clients.

Pay per Minute, Room, Membership, Video, Picture

Users can spend credits (tokens) in multiple ways:

  • pay per minute private shows (on client request in room)
  • pay per minute group sessions (initiated by performer and clients join)
  • Συμβουλές to performers (anytime by clients in room)
  • access to καταβάλλονται τοποθεσία περιεχόμενο (webcam rooms, videos configurable with myCred Sell Content addon and Paid Membership and Content plugin)
  • premium ιδιότητα μέλους (membership roles that can be subscribed with Paid Membership and Content plugin). Content can be restricted to certain membership: webcam rooms, Βίντεο, Εικόνες, pages (that could list the membership content).
  • online store items (WooCommerce, MarketPress, WP E-Commerce, Events Manager integrated with myCred Gateway addon)
  • transfers to other users (if enabled with myCred Transfer addon)
  • withdraw (especially performers) with the premium TeraWallet (WooWallet) Withdrawal addon (developed by TeraWallet providers) per their Withdrawal documentation (PayPal, Stripe, Bank).

MyCred and WooWallet are 3rd party billing plugins that have own providers, developers, premium extensions and support and can be used as necessary.

Payouts / Withdrawals

Webmaster can see balance for all users and adjust as necessary (in example when making payouts to performers manually with a method of choice).

Webmaster can define administrative records, fields to request details from performers including payout method. These administrative records show when approving users and reviewing records is accessible from users list, same as adjusting balance with myCred or WooWallet.

There is a premium plugin for TeraWallet (WooWallet) Withdrawal (developed by TeraWallet providers) that can be used on some projects per their Withdrawal documentation to withdraw with Paypal, Stripe, Bank.

Προειδοποίηση: Implementing 100% automated payouts is not recommended as you may get your account wiped out in case of a site hack or error. All payouts should be manually reviewed / confirmed before processing. Higher withdrawal thresholds could be implemented to reduce work with payout review.

After licensing original solution our developers can also implement custom tools for payouts, depending on requirements or implementation of different credit management and purchase plugin.

Paid Membership

As permissions for access are role based, PaidVideoChat can use any WP membership plugin to setup paid membership.

  • VideoWhisper provides the free Paid Membership & Content plugin that works with MyCred and TeraWallet (WooWallet) WooCommerce credits / tokens system.

With the Paid Membership plugin, site visitors register as free users, buy tokens that add to their virtual wallet and use these to upgrade membership, send tips, request pay per minute private shows, access paid content.

Sites that use WooCommerce can add these premium membership plugins:

  • WooCommerce Memberships Setup paid membership as products. Leveraged with Subscriptions plugin allows membership subscriptions.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Setup subscription products, περιεχόμενο. Leverages Membership plugin to setup membership subscriptionsSetup at least 1 paid role that members get by purchasing membership.


Q: Does VideoWhisper take any commission or revenue share from site income?
Ένας: Όχι, site owner collects payments directly and in full to own accounts configured with billing gateways.

Q: Can regular gateways as PayPal be setup for adult oriented sites?
Ένας: Although solution does not involve any restrictions, adult sites should use gateways that explicitly allow that type of content (see Zombaio, CCBill) to prevent issues like billing account suspension due to breaking billing site terms and policies.

Q: Can each performer receive payments directly?
Ένας: Billing setup is per site and clients buy tokens to use with various performers at different times. When client buys tokes, payment goes to site owner / business and can’t go directly to a certain performer.
To setup direct payments for a single performer, a sub-site can be setup (on a subdomain or different domain) and configured with performer’s billing details.

WooCommerce (TeraWallet) Gateways

TeraWallet (WooWallet) supports WooCommerce payment methods and is the recommended wallet, as solution includes multiple WooCommerce integrations. WooCommerce supports multiple billing sites as free and premium payment extensions:

  • PayPal (Standard, Checkout) – also see PayPal Acceptable Use Policy
  • Stripe (CC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, Bancontact, Sofort, Giropay, EPS, iDeal, Przelewy24, Alipay, Multibanco)
  • Square (CC U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK)
  • CoinBase (bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins)
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayFast
  • Venmo
  • Authorize.Net (ενήλικας)
  • CCBill (ενήλικας)
  • eWay (SG, MY, HK, AU, NZ)
  • Klarna (now, later, slice)
  • SagePay (UK)
  • WorldPay
  • PayPal Pro, Advanced (Payflow)
  • Elavon
  • Moneris
  • FirstData
  • Payson
  • Pin Payments AU
  • 2 Checkout
  • SnapScan SA
  • Alipay CN
  • PayU TK

➕ WooCommerce requires processing of orders. Use a plugin like Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders to automatically do Processing to Completed, for digital purchases that don’t involve delivery.

➕ With MicroPayments plugin, you can setup custom token packages as WooCommerce products. When buying the product, user gets the custom amount of tokens. This enables custom exchange ratios, volume discounts, other offers.

WooCommerce Gateways: PayPal, CCBill, Stripe

WooCommerce Gateways: PayPal, CCBill, Stripe

MyCred Billing Gateways

MyCred includes support for these buyCRED billing gateways:

  • PayPal – account or credit card
  • Skrill (Moneybookers) – credit card
  • NETbillingcredit card, ενήλικας
  • Zombaio – credit card, ενήλικας (requires older Το Πισώφό μου 1.8.8 ή αναζωπύρωση)
  • BitPaybitcoins
  • Bank Transferbank account
MyCred Payment Gateways: PayPal, BitPay, NetBilling, Skrill - MoneyBookers

MyCred Payment Gateways: PayPal, BitPay, NetBilling, SkrillMoneyBookers

Additional payment modules are available as extra payment gateways:

  • 2CO Checkoutcredit card
  • ComproPagoin Mexico
  • CoinBasecryptocurrencies
  • CoinPaymentscryptocurrencies
  • PayFastin South Africa
  • Paymentwallvirtual currency
  • Pay.nlin Netherlands
  • Payzaaccount, credit card, cryptocurrencies
  • Robokassain Russia
  • Stripebuy & subscribe credit card
  • WePaycredit card
  • ZarinPanin Iran

Adult / Sexually Oriented & High Risk Content Sites Require Special Billing / Payment Gateways

Ανάλογα με το θέμα του ιστότοπού σας, Θα πρέπει να εγγραφείτε σε έναν ιστότοπο χρέωσης κατάλληλο για τη θέση περιεχομένου σας. Ίσως χρειαστεί να τα ελέγξετε πρώτα., to prevent getting your account frozen or terminated because of selling content that is not permitted by their terms.Most processors don’t accept adult content: Ο ιστότοπος θα πρέπει να χρησιμοποιεί επεξεργαστές πληρωμών που επιτρέπουν ρητά περιεχόμενο για ενήλικες.

* Οι πύλες WooCommerce υποστηρίζονται με την προσθήκη TeraWallet. Καθώς το WooCommerce απαιτεί επεξεργασία παραγγελιών, χρησιμοποιήστε ένα πρόσθετο όπως η αυτόματη συμπλήρωση παραγγελιών WooCommerce για να κάνετε αυτόματα επεξεργασία για να ολοκληρώσετε .

Q: Τι θα γίνει με PayPal? PayPal υποστηρίζεται τόσο από το MyCred & TeraWallet, αλλά η πολιτική τους δεν επιτρέπει συγκεκριμένους τύπους περιεχομένου, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των σεξουαλικά προσανατολισμένων αγαθών και υπηρεσιών.
PayPal δεν αποδέχεται ussually το σχετικό με τους ενηλίκους περιεχόμενο. Also see PayPal Acceptable Use Policy.
Η λήψη πληρωμών για τέτοιους ιστότοπους σε αντίθεση με την πολιτική τους μπορεί να έχει ως αποτέλεσμα τη δεσμευμένη ή τερματισμό του λογαριασμού σας.
PayPal is usually configured for testing (sandbox) with MyCred, to avoid getting the Paypal account suspended if site does not meet their policy

Category of billing required depends on each site’s content and policies. This solution can be used for projects in all categories as it provides features, not content.
Payment processing card associations define some online business types and industries as risky. Main reasons can refer to merchants’ ratio (both real and anticipated) of chargebacks, merchandise returns or your payment processing history. Types of content that may be considered high risk: adult content, dating, online gaming, prepaid phone cards, money transfer, forex, crypto exchange, travel, nutraceuticals, health and wellness products.

Adult and other high risk related sites should also support cryptocurrency gateways for clients that want more privacy. Options can include most used cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, bitcoin cash, litecoin, binance coin, eos, monero, stellar, tron, cardano, dash, neo, iota. These payments can be handled with 3rd party automated processors or manually by setting up wallets for P2P transfers.