الصفحة الرئيسية

غرفة دردشة ما قبل البيع مع بث مباشر لكاميرا الويب, نص المحادثة, رصيد المحفظة, هدايا إلى الأداء, طلب خاص 2 طريقة الاتصال, مقبل (موفر عشوائي), مؤقت الجلسة, الوضع المظلم / تبديل ملء الشاشة

Listing menu: current group chat mode, call options: فيديو / سمعي / text with different token pricing, paid question, room profile.

HTML5 خاصه 2 طريقه كاميرا الفيديو مكالمة. الدفع في الدقيقة.

Group video presentation in collaboration mode with file sharing and live presentation.

Turnkey Pay Per View (PPV) دردشة الفيديو
Start Own HTML5 Adaptive Webcams Site

Use PaidVideochat turnkey solution to start own live cam services platform: فيديو الدردشة / broadcasts / calls / مؤتمرات with pay per minute (PPM), tips/gifts, paid messages. It’s mobile friendly, استجابة HTML5, ready to use.

Integrates member and role management, video conferencing applications, micropayments wallets with multiple billing gateways, profile listings with videos and pictures, reviews with star ratings on popular WordPress framework.

Build own platform with own content, own users, own terms.

Solution can host remote videochat services from various types of providers (الأداء) live streaming for their customers, students, عملاء, المشجعين.
Performer features can accommodate عارضات ازياء, الخبراء, adult performers, live support representatives, consultants, المعلمين, personal trainers, المعلمين, coaches, therapists, mediums, tarot readers, spiritual healers, psychic readers, astrologists, herbalists, lawyers, financial / tax / legal advisors, technicians or other professionals that can provide remote assistance, interventions, shows and services.

Sample turnkey pay per minute videochat site setups:

المشجعين Paysite
Expert Consulting
Psyching Reading
Webcam Model
Adult Videochat

Compared to using other platforms, with this solution you run your own service. When running your own platform you can التحكم في الوصول (تدفع عن كل دقيقة, by membership, access lists, pay per room), محتوى, ميزات, الإعلانات, setup your own terms of use and policies. Users register on your site, you own your database and content, you can use various alternate billing gateways to sell tokens for pay per minute, عضوية, access and digital content. Full income: You don’t have to share income from ads/membership/content with other platforms. You control revenue sharing for content providers as you wish.

Turnkey Cam Site Features

  • Provider/Client Registration with customizable roles for unlimited users:
    -room owners: performers/models/providers/experts/moderators/broadcasters/artists
    -participants: clients/fans/viewers/students/customers
    -businesses: studios/managers/shops)
  • AJAX Webcams List with Live Updates
  • Public Group Pre-Sale Chat with Live Streaming, video teaser that loops in room while offline, custom room profile, أشرطة الفيديو, pictures, المنتجات
  • Paid Private Calls / Shows عند الطلب, مع 2 way video
  • Paid Group Shows مع 1 way webcam live streaming, custom modes
  • الدفع على كل مشاهدة with custom cost per minute, earning ratio, grace time
  • Paid Questions / Messages
  • نصائح / Gifts / التبرعات
  • Multiple Billing Options
    باي بال, CCBILL, شريط, Skrill/Moneybookers, NETbilling, Zombaio,
    BitPay (bitcoin), all WooCommerce gateways
    and many more
  • HTML5 WebRTC relay (scale beyond uploader connection)
  • Providers can share or sell أشرطة الفيديو, pictures, downloads, المشاركات المخصصة
  • Localization, Translation Ready with sample translations included
  • BuddyPress integration: profile links, feed updates, groupseach group gets a room
  • WooCommerce integration: billing gateways for tokens, sell digital content as products, list products on room page
  • Compatible with WP Themes and Plugins
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Webcam models list: AJAX listing with live webcam previews, filters, البحث عن, reviews, sorting.

AJAX Live Webcam Listings

100% web broadcasting , preview from server, webcam/microphone selection, configure resolution and bitrate, streaming statistics.

Performer/Broadcaster goes online in HTML5 Videochat and starts broadcasting in own webcam room.

Random Next Room Videochat

دردشة فيديو عشوائية : Next button to quickly move to next perfomer - HTML5 فيديوشات

HTML5 خاصه 2 طريقه كاميرا الفيديو مكالمة. الدفع في الدقيقة.

HTML5 خاصه 2 طريقه كاميرا الفيديو مكالمة. الدفع في الدقيقة.

Video Conference HTML5: Split screen in multiple slots to show users that enable their webcams. Room owner (moderator) assigns users to slots and controls what everybody watches.Video Conference HTML5: Split screen in multiple slots to show users that enable their webcams. Room owner (moderator) assigns users to slots and controls what everybody watches.

Video Conference with Split View

2 Way Private Show on Request - HTML5 فيديوشات

نصائح : Custom Gifts in Private / Public Chat - HTML5 فيديوشات

Custom role registration: الأداء, clients and studios (optional).

Custom registration roles: أداء, زبون, studio

Webcam Listings: Extended listing mode with details and review

HTML5 Live Streaming interface - streams transcoded from legacy interface and tips

Performers can add videos to their webcam page.

Rate Star Review integration: AJAX Reviews for Content, with Star Ratings

Compared to other solutions, this script benefits from power of WordPress (most popular site framework powering 1/5 of top online sites), reliability, ease of use, الإضافات, themes, a large community of experienced developers and designers, قابلية التوسع, performance, high quality coding and security standards.